Events by Region

Santa Monica | Venice

Brian Weil, 1979-95: Being in the World | Moshe Ninio: Rainbow Rug

Santa Monica Museum of Art

January 17 through April 18, 2015

Brian Weil once trailed Miami homicide detectives and found people through classified ads who let him photograph them having sex. He was heavily involved in AIDS related activism when he died in 1996, and this is his first retrospective. Israeli Moshe Ninio, who's work will be in the Project Room, made a rainbow-colored hologram of a folded Middle Eastern rug.


Krysten Cunningham: Procession of a Rectangle

Varola at the Pacific Design Center

January 23 through May 8, 2015

Krysten Cunningham made wall drawings out of jute, a hairy fiber, and nails that mimic the rectangular shape of Varola's gallery. These drawings will, ideally, prompt viewers to think about "architectural custom, proportion and how we shape our surroundings."

Culver City

Carolyn Marks Blackwood: On The Edge | Catherine Howe: Supreme Fiction

Von Lintel Gallery

March 7 through April 18, 2015

For "On the Edge," Carolyn Marks Blackwood, who also writes screenplays, photographed air, ice and water but gives no sense of perspective -- so it's just sunset-colored "air" or an expanse of ripples. Catherine Howe, who previously painted lush still lifes, is abstracting vases and making splotchy marks in her new paintings. Both artists work in New York.

Chinatown | Downtown

Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty

Japanese American National Museum

October 11 through May 31, 2015

This show, about Hello Kitty's history and full of products, contemporary art and archival material, is something of a phenomenon. People walk down the streets of Little Tokyo in Hello Kitty hats and shirts. Christine Yano and Jamie Rivadeneira, who owns an L.A. pop culture boutique called JapanLA, curated it.

LA Other | Eastside

San Diego

Laugh-in: Art, Comedy, Performance

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - La Jolla

January 23 through April 19, 2015

Artists do comedy -- like Stanya Kahn, who wears a suit that looks like a penis, or Jayson Musson (aka Hennessey Youngman), who gives wry advice on being an artist while wearing silly hats -- while others document or incorporate comedy into their work in MCASD's new show. There will also be an evening of live comedic performance (date TBA).

Orange County

Alien She | Fred Tomaselli: The Times |Selections: Dieter Roth's Picadillies

Orange County Museum of Art

February 15 through May 24, 2015

"Alien She" explores the influence of Riot Grrrl culture on artists and includes work by the likes of Miranda July, Tammy Ray Carland and Faythe Levine. At the same time, the museum is showing unconventional painter Fred Tomaselli's altered front pages of the New York Times and the late Swiss artist Dieter Roth's multiple, printed-over, photographic blow-ups of a tourist postcard of Piccadilly Circus.

Santa Barbara

Artist-in-Residence Eric Beltz: The Cave of Treasures

Art, Design, & Architecture UC Santa Barbara (AD&A)

September 12 through May 1, 2015

In making his new, wall-sized drawing in silver ink, Eric Beltz was thinking about Medusa, poison oak, and the swastika, as well as about the research he'd been doing into "legends, tragedies, misinterpretations" and other such subjects.


Pasadena | Inland Empire