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Tony Greene: Room of Advances

Schindler House (1921-22)

Last Chance - June 18 through September 7, 2014

Tony Greene, who worked in L.A. in the late 1980s and early 1990s before his AIDS-related death, made a five-panel series of paintings he called "Room of Advances." The central panel features a nude man with arms out and the others feature a minimal interior space. It's showing at the MAK, which is one of the most minimal spaces out there.

Liz Walsh: Shadow Force


August 14 through September 11, 2014

Liz Walsh, who does haphazard installations and paintings that look like hallucinations, is playing music with friend Eric Landmark at her opening.

Kenturah Davis: Narratives and Meditations


August 30 through September 13, 2014

Kenturah Davis makes portraits and drawings using handwriting, with handwriting subtly or less subtly filling the background and blending in with her subject's features. She also just made a mural depicting four women in Ghana, so drawings related to that will be in this show.

Helen Pashgian: 1966 to the Present

ACE Gallery Beverly Hills

July 15 through September 15, 2014

Helen Pashgian just had a show of new work at LACMA, and now her gallery, ACE, is doing a retrospective of sorts, showing acrylic glass sculptures from the 1960s to now -- lots of ethereal discs and columns.

Steve McQueen: Drumroll

MOCA at The Pacific Design Center

June 28 through September 21, 2014

MOCA co-owns Drumroll, the video installation artist-director Steve McQueen won the Turner Prize for in 1999, and showed it once in 2005. It's showing it again, now that McQueen is a famous Oscar winner (for 12 Years a Slave).

À la Mode: Painted Method


August 23 through September 27, 2014

This show, installed in a house in the Hollywood Hills, includes art by Molly Larkey, Jonathan Apgar and others in an attempt to show "unique approaches to painting."

The Meme Machine


August 30 through September 27, 2014

Agency just moved from the Pacific Design Center to a small East Hollywood space. It's first show is generally meant to be about mimesis -- in Luis Gispert's video, a cheerleader mimics a police siren.