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Go & Come Back| Greetings from Napoli

Paradise Garage

Last Chance - July 19 through August 1, 2014

Supportico Lopez is a Berlin space that started in Naples, when two artists decided to show art in a room of their flat. Two artists run Paradise Garage in Venice (out of a garage), and they've invited Supportico Lopez to take over their space this month.   You have to email for an appointment.


Shulamit Gallery

Last Chance - June 14 through August 2, 2014

All the artists in this show deal with "the complexity of contemporary life in Israel." They're interested in the big problems that keep a place from being stable and united: competing ethnic identities, contrasts between peripheral communities and communities at the city's center, etc.

Richard Bruland: Continuum | Sophia Dixon Dillo: Emergence

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Last Chance - June 28 through August 2, 2014

Richard Bruland is competing, intentionally, with digital overstimulation, trying to make dense, speckled acrylic surfaces that really hold the attention of people used to looking at screens. Sophia Dixon Dillo makes incisions in thick water color paper and lights them to get some shadow play.   

Jane and Louise Wilson: Imperial Measure

C.Nichols Project

Last Chance - June 28 through August 2, 2014

Twins who became collaborators in 1989, Jane and Louise Wilson photographed interiors of buildings abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, superimposing pictures of yardstick-like sculptures they made over the interiors. They also superimposed their sculptures over photographs of Orford Ness, the English island where H-bomb test laboratories had been.

My Little Boat of Sorrow

Rosamund Felsen Gallery

July 12 through August 9, 2014

Is sorrow half way between sadness and distress? Artist Steve Hull is assuming so, and he's assembled a group of artists who can help him explore sorrow for a show that includes a half-sunk boat sculpture and skeletons.

Ralph Bacerra, Richard DeVore, Richard Shaw

Frank Lloyd Gallery

July 12 through August 16, 2014

Ralph Bacerra and Richard Shaw make fantastically eccentric earthenware or ceramic sculptures that are influenced by their travels (Bacerra's teapots look like kind of like the tin man from Wizard of Oz). Richard DeVore is a bit more conservative with his stoneware vessels.

Robert Swain: The Form of Color

Santa Monica Museum of Art

May 17 through August 23, 2014

New York-based Robert Swain has been working with color since the 1960s, and in his current exhibition he's exhibiting multiple big grids made up of individual color squares. The idea is that, because of the way he's arranged the squares, visitors will have especially visceral reactions to values and saturation levels.

Larry Cohen and "Driving L.A." Exhibitions

Craig Krull Gallery

July 12 through August 23, 2014

Larry Cohen does plein air painting with grit -- like, sometimes, the sky looks overcast and sometimes there's weird stuff on the beach. The sixteen photographers in the concurrent show all made images while driving or about driving (Julian Wasser's iconic photo of Joan Didion leaning on her Corvette included).


Santa Monica Museum of Art

July 19 through August 23, 2014

L.A. based clothing line dosa is setting up in Santa Monica Museum's gift shop, showing their summer collection in the form of an art installation.

Ramona Rosales: Outside the Lines

De Soto Gallery

July 10 through August 24, 2014

Romana Rosales, who's done a lot of editorial work, made a new series of photographs of events "just after a moment of impact" -- just after a glass breaks, for instance. She's only showing her subjects from the knees down and using super bright, crisp colors that make the images look like digital illustrations.

Allan Sekula: Ship of Fools

Christopher Grimes Gallery

July 3 through September 6, 2014

Late artist-teacher-writer Allan Sekula (he was a staple on CalArts' faculty for years) liked thinking about and photographing ships. His last body of work was based on his travels with a cargo ship that had been transformed into an exhibition space for one around-the-world journey.

Summer Group Show: In-Situ

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

July 19 through September 6, 2014

For its summer show, Shoshana Wayne Gallery is only featuring emerging artist it's never shown before -- like Tofer Chin, who does op-art inspired work and has one foot in the street art world, or Vera Bauluz, who covers found objects in gold leaf. 

The Scandalous Art of James Ensor

The Getty Center

June 10 through September 7, 2014

About sixty paintings by the fantastic 19th century Belgian satirist, James Ensor, are up right now. The clownishly colorful Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889 (1888) is the show's finale.

New Painting from Finland and Sweden


July 25 through September 7, 2014

The artist-run space in Venice is getting international this year (an earlier show was all about U.K.-U.S. crossover). The paintings in this new show are all by Nordic artists but "do not reflect any attempt to make a comprehensive survey of the region which would, in any case, be futile."

Greg Miller: Call of Duty

William Turner Gallery

July 26 through September 13, 2014

Greg Miller makes painted collages of femme fatales or montages of other pop iconography, and he also just made a short film called The Pool that will screen at his opening.

Dan McCleary: Flowers

James' Beach

June 7 through September 15, 2014

To benefit, an arts training program for under-served young people, Dan McCleary is showing (and selling) his lush flower paintings at James' Beach restaurant.

Yukako Ando: Priority Required

18th Street Arts Center

July 14 through September 30, 2014

Originally from Osaka and based in Düsseldorf, Yukako Ando is in residence in L.A. She's made multiple installations based on her experience of urban L.A. life and observations of "American pop consumerism."

Miljohn Ruperto: Mineral Monsters

18th Street Arts Center

July 14 through October 3, 2014

This show is more complicated to talk about than it is to look at: artist Miljohn Ruperto worked with animator Aimée de Jongh and neuroscientist Rajan Bhattacharyya to imagine "deformed" plants and minerals (based on writing by French philosopher Georges Canguilhem).  He's displaying computer graphic renderings of these imagined deformities.

Yvonne Rainer: Dances and Films

The Getty Center

May 27 through October 12, 2014

Yvonne Rainer is an icon at this point, as a choreographer and a video artist. She's always pretty raw, a little arduous and deliberately poking at prettiness.  

Minor White: Manifestations of the Spirit

The Getty Center

July 8 through October 19, 2014

Minor White, an American photographer who started working in the 1930s and kept going through the 1970s, was fascinated by the forms of things and probably a minimalist at heart. Consider, for instance, Essence of Boat, a photo of a wooden keel and aft in snow.