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Sarah Danays: Golden Bough

Robert Berman Gallery

Last Chance - March 29 through April 25, 2014

She's a sculptor, but L.A.-based British artist Sarah Danays exhibits photos. It's all part of that original versus copy question (does it matter if the "real" ever existed, can you swap an image in for actual experience, etc.). This time, the photos will be of hand-made amulets and other objects modeled on antiquities.

Gajin Fujita: Drawings

L.A. Louver Gallery

Last Chance - March 13 through April 26, 2014

In Gajin Fujita's work, traditional Japanese imagery meshes with graffiti references and pop icons (like the Looney Tunes or manga characters that pop up) -- at its best, it's history-collapsing, cross-cultural, ultra-colorful eye candy. The L.A. native has been showing at L.A. Louver since 2002 and this new show focuses on his drawings, looser than his paintings and made on paper with stencils and spray paint.

Ed and Nancy Kienholz: Berlin/Hope

L.A. Louver Gallery

Last Chance - March 13 through April 26, 2014

After their marriage in 1972, Ed and Nancy Kienholz used grant money to move away from L.A. and set up studios in Berlin and Hope, Idaho. The found object work they made together between 1975 and 1979, which features in this exhibition, has rarely been seen in the U.S. and often included cultural paraphernalia that fascinated them, like Nazi issued radios that used to broadcast messages from the Third Reich.

Irit Batsry: Altered Sites

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

March 8 through May 3, 2014

Shoshana Wayne Gallery's Irit Batsry show, like the Beverly Semmes show that just closed at the gallery, will function as something of a survey, featuring work from the past two decades. It will include almost-too-pretty photographs the Israeli-American artist recently took of caution tape and the older series of stills she pulled from video shot in Southern India.

Sharon Ellis and Dane Mitchell

Christopher Grimes Gallery

March 15 through May 3, 2014

Painter Sharon Ellis, who's been showing in L.A. since 1990, makes intentionally over-saturated paintings that look like stock images if seen when  high. She'll exhibit alongside Dane Mitchell, whose aesthetic is in ways the opposite of hers. He makes spare objects informed by shamanism and his interest in the invisible spiritual realm.

Roberto Gil de Montes: Hecho en México

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

April 5 through May 10, 2014

Roberto Gil de Montes was born in L.A. and schooled in L.A. (he's an Otis grad), but this is his first solo show here in about a decade. It features his montage-like, visually festive paintings and, according to PR for the show, probes personal experience, cultural identity and history.

Jennifer Sullivan: Big Girl Paintings

5 Car Garage

March 22 through May 15, 2014

Julian Schnabel had a show called "Big Girl Paintings" at Gagosian Gallery in New York in 2002, and Jennifer Sullivan has borrowed the title for her show at Emma Gray's Five Car Garage. Her paintings of girls -- who, unlike in Schnabel's work, do not have their eyes covered -- are freer and much more intimate.

Craig Kauffman: A Survey of Late Work

Frank Lloyd Gallery

April 12 through May 17, 2014

Frank Lloyd Gallery is once again showing late Craig Kauffman's vacuum-formed plastic wall reliefs, and they are great objects, some of them lozenge-like and all of them pleasantly colored: pinks, teals, glittery whites.

Salon No. 12: Works 349 – 372

Marine Projects

March 22 through May 31, 2014

Each of Marine's Salons brings together a group of artists, often with the help of a guest curator. This time, the salon includes a few artists who paint representationally but take liberties when doing so (Noah Davis, Fay Ray), and a few whose work looks abstract but has roots in narrative or some other real world source (Alison O'Daniel, Dwyer Kilcollin).

Pouya Afshar: Romance with the Crow I Killed

Shulamit Gallery

March 29 through May 31, 2014

Iranian American artist Afshar's drawings are kind of like graphic novels minus the words. In these and his figurative sculptures,  he's dealing with memories of war and violence from the Iran-Iraq conflict and Iranian Revolution.

Galia Linn: Vessels

Shulamit Gallery

March 29 through May 31, 2014

Israel born, L.A. based Galia Linn's ceramic forms are big -- thigh-high or taller --, rough and quirky, even though they take a fairly familiar vessel/vase shape.