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State Park

UCSD University Art Gallery

March 7 through May 1, 2015

Because there are 6,624 state-owned and run parks in the United States. and because they're often groomed to look a certain way and thus not entirely natural, Mike Callway-Fagen wanted to "unpack State Parks as sites rich with conflict and complexities." He's doing so by curating this show of work by twenty artists from all over the states.

Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - Downtown

March 5 through June 28, 2015

El Anatsui, the sculptor who was born in Anyako, Ghana and relocated to teach art at the University of Nigeria in 1975, is known best for his ornate metal wall hangings made out of discarded objects (like bottle caps) and has become something of a self-taught excerpt on pre-colonial art in Africa. This show includes 11 large works -- one of them is 35 feet long.

Seeing is Believing?

Museum of Photographic Arts MOPA

February 21 through June 30, 2015

"Did you know…that the first photograph of the moon was made more than 160 years ago?" Questions like that are the ones MOPA's new show on the history of photography sets out to answer. The show's also about photography's impact on "how we view the world around us," which is a pretty big topic.

Lalla Essaydi: Photographs

San Diego Museum of Art

March 28 through August 4, 2015

Lalla Essaydi, born in Moroccan and based in New York, makes photographs that explore the roles of women in Arab cultures. She's especially interested in how European artists have represented Arab cultures and bases some of her photographs on nineteenth-century Orientalist paintings.

7 Billion Others

Museum of Photographic Arts MOPA

February 21 through September 13, 2015

About  6,000 people from 84 countries were asked 45 questions, and now these many videos will show at MOPA, though because there are so many, different videos that address certain "themes" will play during different months. February, March and April are all about love, war and meaning in life.

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