San Diego


Lynn G. Fayman: A Colorful Life

Museum of Photographic Arts MOPA

February 8 through May 11, 2014

The San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts acquired the archives of longtime SoCal photograph Lynn Fayman (1904-1968) last year. Fayman worked abstractly and with process photography in the middle of the century, hand coloring black and white negatives and playing with light, making work that now looks far more conventional than it would have when he made it.

Prix Pictet: Power

Museum of Photographic Arts MOPA

February 1 through May 18, 2014

The Prix Pictet is an annual juried prize, and, each year, the jury focuses on a certain theme in choosing the award-winning photographer. This year's theme is "power" and French artist Luc Delahaye is the winner. He features in an exhibition with eleven other artists, including An-My Lê, who just won a MacArthur Grant, and Dutch artist Jacqueline Hassink.

Kim MacConnel: Luft Gesheften: The Value of War

Quint Contemporary Art

April 12 through May 31, 2014

Kim MacConnel, a veteran of the 1970s Pattern and Decoration movement, began making money collages, using American, Afghan, Vietnamese and other currency in the mid-2000s. These, along with work from the 1980s about the "business of war" in the Reagan era, feature in his new show.

Alfredo Jaar: Muxima

San Diego Museum of Art

March 15 through July 8, 2014

Alfredo Jaar's Muxima (2005) has been traveling around for a while. It's Jaar's first film -- he's known for ambitious installation work -- inspired by a folk song, titled after the word for heart in the Angolan language, Kimbundu, and structured like an epic poem with five cantos (a canto for colonization, one for communism). Apparently, there are "repeated references to water" that give viewers "hope" of "rebirth."