Orange County


Home: A Juried Exhibition

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art - OCCCA

Last Chance - July 5 through 26, 2014

Richard Turner, who juried this show, references the Wizard of Oz in the press release: Dorothy gets home by saying "there's no place like home." There's definitely no place like that old-fashioned Kansas home in this show, says Turner -- it's all places occupied by "by dysfunctional families and disoriented people."

Sarkisian & Sarkisian

Orange County Museum of Art

Last Chance - April 13 through July 27, 2014

Peter Sarkisian makes video sculpture, sometimes projecting footage on all sides of a cube or putting a screen inside the window of a sculpted car. His dad, Paul Sarkisian, makes photo-realistic paintings that look like collages (for instance, his subject might be pieces of colored paper and postcards arranged around each other).

Jody Zellen: Time Jitters

Grand Central Art Center

June 7 through August 10, 2014

Using the New York Times as source material, Jody Zellen's done a series of looping animations and some gouache paintings that "illustrate the cycle of regeneration – birth and growth, death and decay."