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Cindy Rehm: Psychical Research

Elephant Art Space

Last Chance - March 6 through 29, 2015

For the drawings and collages in this show, Cindy Rehm took as an inspiration Victorian mediumship and the book Phenomena of Materialization, which documents séances that medium Eva C. was involved in between 1909 and 1914. Rehm's interested in how these histories defy "conventions of proper feminine conduct ." Rehm's show also includes a two-channel video in which two women prepare for an imaginary séance.

Patrick Rock: California Split

The Pit

Last Chance - March 22 through 29, 2015

Robert Altman's 1974 film California Split was about a gambler who, near the film's ending, says of his gambling high, "there was no special feeling. I just said there was.” The Pit quotes that line in the press release for Patrick Rock's exhibition "California Split," which will include video, sculpture and a zine and explore the idea of betting it all on your art.

Joe Roberts: LSD Worldpeace

Slow Culture

Last Chance - March 27 through 29, 2015

A new book of work by San Francisco artist Joe Roberts is out so Slow Culture is hosting a show. Roberts work, they say, is "s reminiscent of work from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Joseph Cornell" and "collage, paintings, diorama and figurines all play a role."

John Zane Zappas: N U S T A C H U S

Outside Gallery

February 7 through April 5, 2015

This exhibition, held in the side/front yard of a house, features "site-specific" sculptures and also some drawings on aluminum by John Zane Zappas moves "from the familiar to the ambiguous with a dizzying lack of distinction between humor and solemnity."

Jenny Monick and Gedi Sibony

Reserve Ames

February 14 through April 5, 2015

Reserve Ames, a gallery in a garage and also in a fantastic mid-city craftsman house, is showing neo-minmal abstraction: Gedi Sibony, who works with cardboard, tape and wood, and Jenny Monick, who mostly paints.

Andy Romanoff: Sacred Faces

First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

February 21 through April 5, 2015

Photojournalist Andy Romanoff has been photographing Buddhas and Jesus figures, because he's interested in the way their faces look. Now he has installed his Sacred Faces series in Shatto Chapel at L.A.'s architecturally impressive First Congregation Church.

A New Rhythm

Park View

March 1 through April 5, 2015

This exhibition includes work by legendary video artist Charles Atlas and it coincides with a nine-day, city-wide festival of Atlas's films and videos.

Intermittent Dialogues

Monte Vista Projects

March 15 through April 5, 2015

Monte Vista board members make the exhibitions happen and keep the space open. Usually, they're artists and this show features the current members' work. Roberta Gentry is showing crystal-like forms; Danielle Sommer and her collaborator, Melissa Huddleston, will show the "intriguing books" they make.

Emily Sudd: Decorative Objects

Occidental College

February 25 through April 11, 2015

Emily Sudd makes her "decorative objects" by combining discarded ceramic objects together to make new sculptures that are fairly abstract, though they retain some of the worn-out, brokenness of her source material.

Paper Cut

Subliminal Projects

March 7 through April 11, 2015

A group show in which artists cut into the "humble, traditional medium of paper," "Paper Cut" includes work by the Paris-based Aurel Rubbish, who references tattoos and religion, and Bovey Lee, who's based in Pittsburgh and studied calligraphy.

Eduardo Consuegra: Lifetime Guarantee

Commonwealth & Council

January 10 through April 18, 2015

Artist Eduardo Consuegra is embedding three collages of magazine ads for technical equipment in acoustic foam and suspending them above Commonwealth & Council's back stairway. He will also install "an impenetrable wall" of nickel-plated, steel beads against the stairwell.

R. Lyon and Jessie Stead: Duh Angel LIVE


March 15 through April 18, 2015

Artists R. Lyon and Jessie Stead make books together, under JS/RL Periodicals, and Duh Angel their third (a "highly anticipated" third, according the Jenny's press release). There will eleven books in all, and they feature the collaborator's text messages, as well as their "out-of-body communication experiments." The show commemorates and accompanies the book.

Kristi Lippire: Expecting a Pigeon to be a Peacock | Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza: This must be the place.

Commonwealth & Council

March 21 through April 18, 2015

To make her "composite collage-sculptures," Kristi Lippire grafts parts of vintage magazine images onto sculptural forms. The environments she creates are supposed to be "spatial explosions." Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza is interested in painted signs on shop windows and murals in mom-and-pop stores and the language of non-native speakers, which she's adopted to make the work for this exhibition.

Olga Balema and Anne De Vries: Listening

Michael Thibault

March 8 through April 19, 2015

Olga Balema does sculpture that looks like design object stretched or flattened beyond their original function. Anne de Vries has made stools with cloud prints on them and installations that include surveillance cameras. The two artists are showing together.

Site Unseen: Incarceration

Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery

March 12 through April 23, 2015

Activist and photographer Sheila Pinkel organized this show of art related to incarceration, made by artists who are outside of prison and artist who are inside. Alyse Emdur, who made a book of photographs of the faux exotic backdrops hanging in prison visiting rooms, is in the show, as is the skid-row based collective Los Angeles Poverty Department. Brendan Murdock, who contributed work, is incarcerated at San Quentin.

Agnes Lux: Label the Shapes

Martos Gallery

March 25 through April 25, 2015

Berlin-based Agnes Lux alters postcards with copper leaf and graphite, then sends them to herself via snail mail. Then she arranges the cards, now scuffed up and bent in places, in grids that end up looking dark and abstract. The project is meant to be a reflection on “shifting modes of communication” and, also, a “poetic ornamentation of everyday life.”

Casual Friday


March 19 through April 30, 2015

"Casual Friday" is Vacancy's second collaborative group show (they each begin as a dinner party during which artists and the gallery owners toss ideas back and forth). This time, the group is exploring the practice of having "casual Fridays" in otherwise formal workplaces, or at least press release is a corporate memo announcing the institution of a casual Friday.


Brand Library & Art Center

March 14 through May 1, 2015

A show of "master Armenian artists," this show includes work by the fantastic mid-century painter Arshile Gorky and by 1950s L.A. icon John Altoon. It also includes work by 30 contemporary Armenian artists working in L.A. It commemorates the 100th year after the Armenian Genocide.

Jan Stieding and Jörg Wagner: danach draußen (thereafter outside)

Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA)

March 19 through May 10, 2015

German artist Jan Stieding will show two paintings of deserted stages and two of figures sourced from East German propaganda posters. Jörg Wagner, also German, will show photosensitive cyanotype copies of fences along borders (he's been interested in borders between yards and between countries, like the US and Mexico). Since Stieding and Wagner had a curatorial project 'die Beton Bar' that inspired Alice Konitz to start LAMOA, it's fitting that they're finally showing at LAMOA.

Ruth Pastine: Present Tense

Carnegie Art Museum

March 15 through May 24, 2015

The Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard is showing pastel abstractions by Ruth Pastine that it describes on its website in one dense sentence: "perceptual interactions of saturated and nuanced color relationships that investigate light and spatial interplay."

Charles Gaines: Librettos - Manuel de Falla / Stokely Carmichael

Art + Practice

February 28 through May 31, 2015

The inaugural exhibition at Art + Practice, the new space artist Mark Bradford opened with activist Allan DiCastro and philanthropist Eileen Norton in Leimert Park, is of work by Charles Gaines. A libretto about a gypsy who loses her love because of class divisions appears printed on plexiglas boxes while a speech by Stokely Carmichael appears beneath the music on faded paper.

Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects: Legends & Mythologies

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

March 21 through July 11, 2015

The title for this show takes inspiration from the Smithsonian’s book American History in 101 Objects, and the subsequent A History of the World in 100 Objects by the BBC and British Museum. Historical items from the One Archive's collection will show alongside work by nine contemporary artists, among them Wu Tsang and Sam Lopes, who will be showing papier-mâché sculptures of hybrid creatures "and the bears they love."

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