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Scripted Spaces

Martos Gallery

October 9 through November 8, 2014

Cecelia Stucker, who runs the company Curating and Collections (which, as the title suggests, handles collections and curates shows), organized the first exhibition in New York based Martos Gallery's new L.A. space.

Miri Chais: Re:Mind

USC Fisher Museum of Art

September 17 through November 15, 2014

Miri Chais is interested in putting digital and physical on a collision course, and her new show includes L.E.D. lights, paint, Plexiglas, references to Japanese anime and video projections.

Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles

Neutra VDL

September 25 through November 21, 2014

The Neutra House in Silver Lake is being the host for an exhibition called Host, where different artists and architects are setting up installations that explore "spectacle, parasitic opportunism, and domestic landscape."

My Self is An Other

Underground Museum

October 4 through November 22, 2014

The five artists in this show are all questioning their sense of self, or the idea of a self in general. Alexandra Grant’s painting, “My Self is an Other,” inspired the show and Rives Granade is repurposing purposefully destroyed family photos.

Purple Electric Play (PEP!)

Machine Project

October 30 through December 13, 2014

Asher Hartman's new play is all about revolution, violence and the creative class, and two of its cast members are oversized puppets. This is the first time audience members of a Hartman production will actually sit in seats, but the actors will probably not stay on the stage.



October 12, 2014 through February 1, 2015

The El Segundo Museum of Art, built out of a vacant lot and less than a year old, is focusing on art in the domestic space with this group show that includes Eduard Vuillard, Joseph Cornell and youngsters like Cole Sternberg. The press release is full of questions, like, "Does any artwork in your home remind you of your grandparents?"

Mark Steven Greenfield: Lookin’ Back in Front of Me

California African American Museum (CAAM)

September 25, 2014 through April 5, 2015

Mark Steven Greenfield has been working in Greater L.A., both on fringes and in centers, for years. A lot of the work in this survey deals with history, like 19th century minstrel shows, as well as cosmology, genealogy and specific L.A. neighborhoods. He's also been known to toy with African American stereotypes.

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