Mike Kelley

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Last Chance - March 31 through July 28, 2014

The traveling survey of local icon Mike Kelley's work finally made it to L.A. It's cavernous and includes ambitious installations like Blackout, an homage to Detroit, and squirm inducing early videos like The Banana Man.

Mobile Homestead

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Last Chance - May 29 through July 28, 2014

Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead is a mobile home that's based on the artist's childhood house and meant to be used to host community projects of various kinds. It travels, and when it gets to MOCA, it will be part of the "Walk the Talk" parade along Skid Row and then it will house a Skid Row-related installation by the artist group  Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD). Later, other organizations will install inside the homestead.

PØST July Kamikazes

PØST Los Angeles

July 1 through 31, 2014

Post's Kamikaze shows are an insane 31-day run of one exhibition after another, all month long. This year, the lineup starts with collaborators Jeff & Gordon (they've been together six years and mostly work in video). Artist Jay Lizo is organizing a small, patriotic group show and barbecue for July 4. The whole list is on Post's site.

Cinema Vezzoli

MOCA Grand Avenue

April 27 through August 11, 2014

In Francesco Vezzoli's noir-ish fantasy at MOCA, Jane Fonda's crying a pink "feminist tear" -- her tear actually has the Venus symbol on it -- and Marlene Dietrich is co-starring in dramas with Anni Albers, the driven artist-designer who was Joseph Albers' wife.

Allora & Calzadilla: Apotomē

Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theater (REDCAT)

June 27 through August 24, 2014

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, who have been working together since 1995 and never shown in L.A., based the work in this show on two long dead elephants. The remains of the elephants, which were kidnapped during Napolean's reign, are stored in Paris, and Allora and Calzadilla are thinking through all the historical ramifications.

Unbound: Six Women Artists

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA)

July 10 through August 30, 2014

Three of the six women artists who work digitally -- including Deborah Cornell, who's showing her funnily layered digital prints with hands in them -- have solo installation. Three are expatriates, working in video and in a group show.

Motoyuki Daifu: My family is a Pubis, so I cover it in Pretty Panties

July 19 through August 31, 2014

Motoyuki Daifu's photographs are grittily over-saturated in the way, say, fashion photographer Juergen Teller's are. He often does work that seems autobiographical (it could be fictional), and this show is purportedly an attempt to pretty up a too-real family that may or may not be his own.