Guan Rong: Relax

Metro PCS

Last Chance - July 31 through September 6, 2014

Guan Rong, who often pokes fun at her own naiveté, made three large, colorful paintings for a show loosely about relaxation. The press release is a series of quotes, like one from novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard: "A massage is just like a movie" except "you don’t miss anything by falling asleep!”

May Contain Explicit Imagery


Last Chance - July 27 through September 7, 2014

Artist Tucker Neel curated this show of work that all references the body in more and less explicit ways. Kiki Seror made montages of vintage porn imagery, Nancy Baker Cahill's graphite drawings reference skin and hair and John Weston works body parts into his psychidelically patterned paintings.

Patrick Nagel

2A Gallery

Last Chance - July 27 through September 7, 2014

Patrick Nagel got a gig illustrating for Playboy in the 1970s, and drew aggressively stylish, stylized women into the early 1980s (he died in '84). This show is happening because a gallerist, for whom Nagel represents "an entire era," met a collector who began acquiring Nagel's work in the 1980s.

Korakrit Arunanondchai: Letters to Chantri #1

The Mistake Room

July 18 through September 13, 2014

Korakrit Arunanondchai does performance and video projects with comical titles, like "painting with history in a room filled with men with funny names." You're led through this highly produced show by an attendant dressed in white, you watch two videos and you get a bar of soap at the end.

Another Cats Show

356 Mission

August 16 through September 14, 2014

356 Mission is a spacious building that, until recently, had big Alex Katz paintings hanging on its walls. All of it is soon to be filled with "feline-affiliated" artwork made by about 200 artists.


Night Gallery

August 23 through September 27, 2014

Artist Sterling Ruby, known for his drippy stalagmite sculptures, curated this show that’s about the relationship (the trainwreck?) between photography and sculpture. It’s called “Trains” because, according to the all-caps press release, “THE EXHIBITION WILL BE LAID OUT IN LINES” but “THE BOUNDARIES ARE DERAILED,” among other reasons. 

Petrella's Imports presents: Mental Furniture

Night Gallery

August 23 through September 27, 2014

An outdoor installation, "Mental Furniture" includes work made digitally and either printed in two- or three-dimensions by about 30 artists. It was put together by Petrella's Imports, a New York-based artist book newsstand that's also online.