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Tuesday, December 2


Lane Davis: Royalties Place | Ben Love

The Fourth Wall

Last Chance - October 5 through November 28, 2014

Len Davis is projecting "nature-themed media" on carpet while Ben Love is using a one-way mirror to expose the domestic space adjacent to the gallery. Love is also showing a scale model of the gallery's ceiling.

Derek Frech: Secure Document

Actual Size Los Angeles

Last Chance - October 11 through November 29, 2014

Derek French is using encryption algorithms and technology to encrypt his own prints and animations, and "the constructs and devices intended to provide security become the content."

Toko Tokunaga

LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts

Last Chance - November 2 through 30, 2014

Toko Tokunaga, who is originally from Japan and lived and worked in Paris for 17 years, is inspired by Helen Frankenthaler. She wants her own color field paintings to read as recordings of "the influence of memory."

Benjamin Seror: The Marsyas Hour

Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theater (REDCAT)

Last Chance - November 18 through December 2, 2014

Three Tuesdays in a row, artist Benjamin Seror is telling versions of the same story in the RedCat lounge. Each is based on an in-flux script he wrote for a TV pilot called  The Marsyas Hour.  A satyr, played by Seror, who is determined to defeat the gods details everyday life on Mount Olympus.

Paradise Sauna

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

November 8 through December 6, 2014

A big painting show in a small space, it sounds from the press release like Paradise Sauna is supposed to be partly about spirituality and partly about experiencing steam and heat. But probably, it will mostly be a chance to see new work by youngish artists like Alika Cooper and Jonathan Apgar.

Christina Forrer

Grice Bench

November 1 through December 13, 2014

The relatively new space Grice Bench is showing comical, illustrative tapestries by artist Christina Forrer.

Michel Auder and Józef Robakowski: Street Life

Fahrenheit - Flax Foundation

October 11 through December 18, 2014

Michel Auder and Józef Robakowski have been making video art, mostly based on observations of everyday strangeness, for decades. In this show, they're both referencing, " if not satirizing," film noir voyeurism (think Hitchcock's Rear Window only in 1980s New York).

Something Within

DAC Gallery

November 14 through December 19, 2014

The collective Manual Histories Machine organized this show with adult artists with disabilities who work at ECF Art Centers, which are for non-children but run by the Exceptional Children's Foundation. Apparently, some invited artists are taking inspiration from the EFC artists' work and others are commenting on it with their own work.

Ed Clark: A Thousand Lights of Sun

The Mistake Room

October 19 through December 20, 2014

The Mistake Room, a young space that's shown hip young artists, is showing another older abstract painter: Ed Clark, who was born in 1926 and was at one point inspired by the “pouring sand” technique of the Pueblo tribe.

Matsumi Kanemitsu: Metamorphic Effects

The Mistake Room

October 5 through December 20, 2014

An abstract expressionist with a sense of humor, Matsumi Kanemitsu worked in L.A. for years and this show is presenting a lot of work that hasn't been seen publicly for decades, if ever. Since Kanemitsu was born in 1922 and died in 1992, it's a funny change for The Mistake Room, which has so far featured especially young artists.

Michelle Andrade: Kind of Blue

Charlie James Gallery

November 1 through December 20, 2014

L.A. based Michelle Andrade works with the Notebook drawing aesthetic, combining the kind of hand-written bubble letters teenage girls in the 1990s went crazy for with doodles. She's translating her lettering and doodling to linen and screen prints this time around.

Paris de Noche

Night Gallery

November 22 through December 20, 2014

Amy Yao installed customized ladders, Petti Monkonnen built a bar and wallpapered walls with brown pigeon print paper and Andrei Koschmeider installed sculptures that look like corrugated boards for this three person show.

Group Hug

The Good Luck Gallery

November 22 through December 21, 2014

This big group show is timed to open near the holidays on purpose, so you can get your viewing and Christmas shopping done at the same time. "Compulsive visionaries"  are showing alongside "a wide array of outsider-influenced modern artists."

Michala Paludan: Leisure for All

Metro PCS

November 13 through December 27, 2014

Taking inspiration from Danish theater, Michala Paludan is putting together an installation meant to question how acting and satire can be political tools. There's a very intense script featuring "a very fat gentleman" called H.M. Capital involved.

Dave Naz: Identity

Coagula Curatorial

November 8 through December 27, 2014

Photographer David Naz's new show, which coincides with his new book Genderqueer, is supposed to be an "eye-opening musing on all of the people who don't fit neatly into a convenient box."

Chris Cran: That's An Excellent Question!

Wilding Cran Gallery

November 15 through December 27, 2014

Canadian painter Chris Cran has painted faces with different expressions on them -- surprise, maybe. The face all appear in ovals against the sometimes patterned backgrounds of the canvas. He hangs the paintings high and low, not all in a straight line.

To the End of the Line

Château Shatto

November 22, 2014 through January 4, 2015

Marta Fontolan curated this group show, which looks at the world through "the lens of an empty bottle" and the "mindset of a hangover." It includes a pretty wide array of artists, like Gilbert and George, Lucie Stahl and the duo Aids 3D.

Howard Fried: Sociopath, 1983

The Box

November 15, 2014 through January 10, 2015

Howard Fried made his sculpture Sociopath in 1983, and it's showing for the first time since then. The sculpture consists of a dripping sink on a tall, specially-built, tilted table and a complicated drainage system that involves a slat cut into the table and a tube running along the gallery walls. Water puddles on the table, because the drainage system barely works.

Rallou Panagiotou: Between Shampoo and Snakes | Jack McConville: Authentic Spiritual Spray

Ibid. Los Angeles

November 22, 2014 through January 17, 2015

Jack McConville, who works in Glasgow, is showing paintings that loosely recall Matisse -- figures rendered simply but romantically -- except that they also include things like money blowing around.  Rallou Panagiotou's sleeker, more abstract sculptures that incorporate photography and mimic found objects are showing in the adjacent galleries.

Photo by Fredrik Nilsen

Downtown Photoroom

November 7, 2014 through January 31, 2015

Fredrik Nilsen has been photographing the LA art scene well for years, and, if you read captions, you're probably used to seeing "photo by Fredrik Nilsen," though you're probably not used to seeing his work itself on view in a gallery. This show includes photos he took of the intense surfaces of Ken Price sculptures.

Andy Warhol: Shadows

MOCA Grand Avenue

September 20, 2014 through February 2, 2015

Shadows, a "monumental painting" by Warhol, has 120 parts, all based on photos the artist took of shadows in his studio. "Andy Warhol's Shadows are the line between the American dream and the American death," says MOCA director Phillip Vergne (meaning they're about both glamour and darkness).

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