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Helen Johnson: Slow Learners

Château Shatto

Last Chance - January 17 through March 7, 2015

Australian artist Helen Johnson is exploring how paintings can be sincere and needy ("the painting wants to know if you’re satisfied with it," says the press release for Johnson's new show) and incorporate everyday experiences -- she might, for instance, incorporate a survey she's been asked to take.

Al Payne: The Painting Sheds & Paris

The Box

Last Chance - January 24 through March 7, 2015

A shed full of paintings is up along one side of The Box's main space and a video of late artist Al Payne and friends filling that shed with paintings years ago plays against the back wall. The show also includes some whimsical late drawings, an installation of tiny painted chairs and boxes and a guide to how to install invisible art.

Becca Albee

356 Mission

Last Chance - January 24 through March 8, 2015

Punk musician Kathleen Hanna helped Becca Albee get her first exhibition, according to Wikipedia, and Albee also played in a band with Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater Kinney). She showed a body of work called "F Is for Fake: The construction of femaleness by the US Media" in 2011, and she's interested in authenticity and language.

Current and Undercurrents

Maker City LA

Last Chance - February 14 through March 8, 2015

Joan Giammarco, Jill Gefen and Darcy Parsons are among the artists who started the Studio 11 Gallery at Maker City, and now they're showing their work.

The Border Again

Human Resources Los Angeles (HRLA)

Last Chance - February 20 through March 8, 2015

Mariah Garnett's comic, stereotype-mining collaboration with Guillermo-Gomez Pena, a video called Mexercise, is in this show, along with other work by artists based in Tijuana and by L.A.-based artists who have worked in Tijuana. The exhibition, curated by artist Kelman Duran, explores artists' interest in the border as something that's both very real and symbolic.

Petraphilia: The Love of Stones

Fellows of Contemporary Art (FOCA)

January 17 through March 13, 2015

In this show, Chinese scholar's rocks are on view alongside work by artists interested in such rocks, or boulders and stones in the landscape. Hilary Baker does paintings of stones. Keiko Fukazawa makes ceramic beanie babies look like scholar's rocks.

Paulo Bruscky: Artist Books and Films, 1970-2013 | Vivian Suter: Panajachel

The Mistake Room

January 17 through March 14, 2015

The Brazilian artist Paulo Bruscky became involved in mail-art in the 1960s and made films out xeroxes in the 1980s. He also ended up in jail a few times, because of his political associations. At the same that his films and artist's books are on view, Argentina-born, Guatemala-based artist Vivian Suter will have a show of abstract, landscape-inspired work up at the same time.

Doty/Glasco: Time Always Finds You

CES Gallery

January 31 through March 14, 2015

Collaborative duo Doty/Glasco are exhibiting experimental landscape photos: rocks may have unreal coloring, ocean-scapes might be crumpled up and an image of a terrain might be standing alone, propped up by a stick.


Office Hours

February 6 through March 14, 2015

This group exhibition examines "precarious objects that may not be able to withstand an earthquake." It includes work by Nathaniel Klein and Michael Zahn and guests can come away with a publication that includes haikus.

Eric Wesley: Some Work

356 Mission

January 28 through March 15, 2015

An artist who does things like suspend an white bathrobe big enough for a giant to fit into above whitewashed pedestals, Eric Wesley is having a survey at 356 Mission's massive space. He's also releasing a new monograph.

Leigh Johnson: Gospel Oak


January 30 through March 15, 2015

Farago's second show ever features photographer Leigh Johnson -- her work is kind of like a cross between the work of curious-about-everything Wolfgang Tillmans and Juergen Teller, who's fashion photographs are often blown out and eccentrically erotic.

Forests, Hills and the Moon

The Property

February 15 through March 15, 2015

The artists in this show all, apparently, make work the conveys "the thrill of the chase." Liz Walsh paints weirdly symmetrical jungle or sports scenes and also makes music. Emily Sevier makes sculptures of used clothes and photographs of messes, while Shane Aslan Selzer makes work collaboratively in unexpected situations (like at a saddle fitting seminar in Maryland).

MO: The Apartment Artist of China

LA Artcore Brewery Annex

February 22 through March 15, 2015

The works in this show, made by an artist called MO who is unable to leave  China, were smuggled into the country "at great risk for many involved." The paintings depict historical, politically-charged events, like the Tianenmen Square massacre.

Parker Ito: A Lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night

Château Shatto

January 24 through March 21, 2015

Parker Ito's new show isn't actually at Chatuea Shatto, though it's close by. It's supposed to be a "show about everything," according to Ito's website (which also warns viewers not to show up on opening night expecting an opening -- it'll be more like a closing, or something). The artist is known for his paintings, but it sounds like this show will include found and other objects too.

William Hunt: Playing The Goat

Ibid. Los Angeles

January 27 through March 21, 2015

William Hunt, who has the same name as the famous Pre-Raphaelite painter William Holman Hunt, makes music in art spaces and has also done things like suspend pianos from ceilings. He's from Britain but works in Dusseldorf, and is having his first L.A. show with Ibid.

Meghann McCrory: The Pattern in the Drift

Metro PCS

February 12 through March 21, 2015

Meghann McCrory is interested in how "textiles hold things together" and in how the machine aesthetic and then the digital aesthetic  changed the way we see things like pattern and color. So, for her MetroPCS show, she's grappling with patterns and damask and virtual indices.

Anthony Giannini: Field Manual - Confinement and Image Violence

Harmony Murphy Gallery

February 21 through March 21, 2015

Because he's interested in military mind-sets and images of violence, Anthony Giannini, who works in the Bronx, incorporates camouflage and cover-position diagrams into his work. He also uses photographs of hazing rituals as source material, and the paintings themselves are literally dark (lots of blurriness and grays).

Moon, Base, Earth

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

February 15 through March 23, 2015

Artists John Emison, Jonathan Ryan, and Chandler Wigton are exploring "landscape through phantasy as a way to access the emancipatory potential of that freedom." The Greek word "phantasy" literally means "making visible," and that's what they're trying to do at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (which really does seem like the perfect place to host such an effort).

Raúl de Nieves: I’m in A Story

Museum as Retail Space

February 13 through April 1, 2015

New York based Raúl de Nieves is showing bejeweled panels inspired by an opera he co-wrote last year, paintings that retell the story of Saint George and bead encrusted shoes. It's the first show at Museum as Retail Space (aka MaRS).

Karl Haendel: Unwinding Unboxing, Unbending Uncocking | Jacob Yanes: Victor Jara / Leathe and Eunoe

Night Gallery

February 28 through April 4, 2015

There are red and blue lentils and rice on the floor of Karl Haendel's new exhibition and framed drawings of figures exercising in workout wear. Reads the press release, "After all, we are what we eat, what we do, and whatever objects or ideas we ingest." In the project gallery, Jacob Yanes has made two representational sculptures, one of a couple nude and entwined.

Andrea Joyce Heimer: Suburban Mythology - Volume 2

The Good Luck Gallery

February 28 through April 4, 2015

Andrea Joyce Heimer's paintings of folksy, suburban scenes have long titles. One reads, "Since Age 16 My Lovers Never Knew What They Were Getting Into, I’ve Wanted To Consume Their Thoughts, Climb Inside Them, And Utterly Devour Them." The whole suburban series is intentionally dark and obsessive.

Joseph Hammer: Either here nor there

Jancar Gallery

March 1 through April 4, 2015

Joseph Hammer makes music as well as images, and his exhibition will include a series of performances, one of which involves the fantastic William Leavitt.


Fifth Floor Gallery

February 28 through April 11, 2015

Kim Tucker made "mementos to love’s clumsiness" for a show that mostly features figures and portraits made by her and Helen Rebekah Garber and Esmeralda Montes. It's called "Cruising" because the figures are all checking each other out, trying to figure out how to interact.

COOP: Works on Paper, 1987-2015

Coagula Curatorial

February 28 through April 11, 2015

Almost 30 years of "legendary low-brow artist" COOP's drawings are up at Coagula. COOP, born Christopher Cooper in Tulsa, has an interest in soft-porn and "devil women."

Agency Assembly (Before and After the Split Second Recorded)

Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theater (REDCAT)

February 28 through April 12, 2015

Artist Kobe Matthys' "Agency" project involves compiling lists of things that "defy easy categorization." This show features "things" related to court cases. Five "public assemblies" will also take place during the show's course -- they'll be discussions based on certain court cases and will explore specific "things," like the baseball games involved in a court case about television sports broadcasts.

The Reason We No Longer Speak

Fahrenheit - Flax Foundation

January 31 through April 18, 2015

This exhibition takes "the wish of collecting saliva from a tiger’s mouth at the Los Angeles Zoo as its point of departure." Paris-based artist David Douard, who worked on this installation during a two-month L.A. residency, poured animal saliva into jars, which will be in the gallery. He also invited L.A. artists Liz Craft and Jesse Stecklow to contribute work to his show.

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