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Ty Pownall: Sculptures and Wall Works

DAC Gallery

Last Chance - September 13 through October 2, 2014

Ty Pownall's dealing with the man vs. nature conundrum with wiry works that he made out of debris found at construction sites and other places (like his kitchen).

Cyril Kuhn: Mirrored Face Off

Jancar Gallery

Last Chance - September 6 through October 4, 2014

L.A. based painter Cyril Kuhn is showing new paintings, including at least one pair of oil-on-wood paintings that look like they're mirroring each other in sinister ways.

Hobbes Ginsberg and Vivian Fu: Belonging


September 13 through October 12, 2014

Collaborative duo Hobbes Ginsberg makes still life and portraits photos in their living room studio while Vivian Fu explores dynamics of being an Asian American woman by collaging snapshots together. They all gravitate toward bright colors.

Eske Kath: Arena | They're There: A Group Show

Charlie James Gallery

September 6 through October 18, 2014

Danish artist Eske Kath is preoccupied with the single family home, shown immersed in sand in one painting in his new show. The paintings in the concurrent basement group show curated by artist Dan Johnson collapse background and foreground to create a "world where space is flat."

Claire Nereim

Jancar Jones

September 13 through October 18, 2014

Claire Nereim photographs fruit and arranges found object tastefully. She has been showing at Jancar Jones since 2012, and this is her second solo show there.

Stan VanDerBeek: Poemfield

The Box

September 13 through October 25, 2014

Back in 1968, film artist Stan VanDerBeek imagined he'd one day be able to pick up a telephone and make a movie over the wires. He was working with the artist-friendly telephone company Bell Laboratories at that point, and this show is all about the work he did with them.

Lily Simonson: On Ice


September 14 through October 26, 2014

Painter Lily Simonson goes on expeditions, and is on her way back to work with a scientist in Antarctica (this show is inspired by past work there). But her art isn't at all like the renderings you'd imagine from historical science books; it's expressive and loose, sometimes messy.

Five by Five


September 14 through October 26, 2014

Five artists are showing one new work each -- Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, for instance, made a "tile-like abstraction" by gridding and sanding the gallery's back wall.

Vikky Alexander: Theatergarden Beastiarium

Wilding Cran Gallery

September 20 through November 1, 2014

For this show, Vancouver-based Vikky Alexander is doing photo collages where she positions wild animals in unnatural habitats -- for instance, a lynx cub might end up in London's Wallace Collection Drawing Room.

Cayetano Ferrer: Composite Arcade

Château Shatto

September 20 through November 1, 2014

Cayetano Ferrer, who was in the Hammer's inaugural Made in L.A. biennial, mashes up architectural tropes, and is pretty interested in patterns and facades. In this show, there's supposed to be "a tower that reaches up towards hubristic heights."

Steve Kado and Keith Rocka Knittel: Works On Paper

Metro PCS

September 25 through November 1, 2014

There will be a closing ceremony and a flag raising on the second to last day of Stave Kado and Keith Rocka Knittel's show, which continues a project called 1992 TOYOTA COROLLA (BLACK) that they started together in 2012 in opposition to L.A. boosterism and with an interest in vague, ongoing collaboration.

Jesse Fleming: The Halftime Show

356 Mission

September 28 through November 2, 2014

Jesse Fleming used footage from jumbotrons and from an L.A. basketball court to make this film, installed in the basement on four screens that are suspended from the ceiling to make a square. There's a droning soundtrack to accompany the film, too.

Joel Holmberg: Witness

Harmony Murphy Gallery

September 19 through November 8, 2014

Joel Holmberg, the first artist Harmony Murphy Gallery is showing in L.A., is post post-Internet art. Or, at least, he's "extending beyond art that has been described as Post-Internet" in a show that works in video, painting, sculpture and sound.

Christian Rosa: California Screaming

Ibid. Los Angeles

September 20 through November 8, 2014

Christian Rosa's paintings, neo-minimal abstractions, have super dramatic titles -- Dead on Arrival or Hell on Earth -- and his show is the very first in  Ibid's L.A. space. 

Small Museum for an American Metaphor

Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theater (REDCAT)

September 27 through November 23, 2014

Europeans artists, and a few L.A. greats like John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha, are weighing in on fantasies of the American West in this exhibition that architect Kersten Geers and Redcat gallery director Ruth Estevez curated. It's all about "the celebration of Endlessness" and "the fiction of the 'wide open.'”

Andy Warhol: Shadows

MOCA Grand Avenue

September 20, 2014 through February 2, 2015

Shadows, a "monumental painting" by Warhol, has 120 parts, all based on photos the artist took of shadows in his studio. "Andy Warhol's Shadows are the line between the American dream and the American death," says MOCA director Phillip Vergne (meaning they're about both glamour and darkness).

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