Robert Weingarten: Pentimento | Julian Wasser: Duchamp in Pasadena

May 24 through July 5, 2014

Craig Krull Gallery

2525 Michigan Avenue, Building B-3, Santa Monica, CA 90404 Get directions

(310) 828-6410

Robert Weingarten layers new photographs over vintage photographs of the same places in this new show.

Julian Wasser, with the possible exception of Malcolm Lubliner, was the biggest L.A. art scene photographer in the 1960s. He photographed Marcel Duchamp’s seminal 1963 exhibition at the Pasadena Art Museum, and this show features those photographs.

One response to “Robert Weingarten: Pentimento | Julian Wasser: Duchamp in Pasadena”

  1. Did Weingarten get permission from the original photographers before he destroyed their work with is “translucent composite” which is only a phrase that Weingarten manufactured to give a name to this nonsense? Weingarten should do us a favor and make his translucent composite so translucent that we don’t even see it.

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