July 27, 2013 | 5–10 pm

Charlie James Gallery

969 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Get directions

(213) 687-0844

The legendary performance event returns for its 4th installment and promises an exciting and provocative collection of performers from all over the world. On July 27th from 5pm- 10pm artists working in the field of performance and action art will descend upon the pedestrian only streets of Chung King Road for a free and one night only experience featuring more than 25 different live artworks from Thailand, Northern Ireland, Chile, Canada, Massachusetts, Iowa and a large contingent of participants from Southern California.


Works will vary greatly in style, cultural and sociological influence, ranging from the radical street interventions of the anarchist Thai painter Vasan Sitthiket, to the body- driven works by the iconic Sheree Rose, to the beautifully moving performance installations by native Peruvian, Mariel Carranza. Chung King Road will be lined with large boxes in which several artists will present long-term “durational” performance installations that will morph in aesthetic and meaning throughout the entire course of the event, while other performances will happen as roving works or pop-ups in various locations throughout the area.



Scott Benzel (Los Angeles) w/collaborator Anita Pace
Claudia Bucher (Los Angeles)
Jeffrey Byrd (Waterloo, Iowa)
Mariel Carranza (Los Angeles)
Alexander del Re (Chile)
Dino Dinco (Los Angeles)
Rafael Esparza (Los Angeles)
Kate Gilbert (Los Angeles)
Ryan Hawk (Boston)
Natalie Loveless (Canada)
Tatiana Lubovski-Acosta (Los Angeles)
Sinead O’Donnell (Northern Ireland)
Vela Phelan (Boston)
Dominic Quagliozzi (Los Angeles)
Rain on Genitalia (Los Angeles)
Christy Roberts (Los Angeles)
Sheree Rose (Los Angeles)
Sara Schnadt (Los Angeles)
Vasan Sitthiket (Thailand)
Paul Waddell (Los Angeles)
Allison Wyper (Los Angeles) w/collaborators Marcos Najera and Esther Baker-Tarpaga Samuel White (Los Angeles)
Tim Youd (Los Angeles)

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