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Richard Parker


Last Chance - September 12 through 25, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe described his character Richard Parker as having "about him an air of self-possession . . . , and before he opened his lips my heart told me what he would say." Curator Marc LeBlanc chose to title his show about individuality, identity, idealism and abstraction after this character because, somehow, that made sense. 

À la Mode: Painted Method


Last Chance - August 23 through September 27, 2014

This show, installed in a house in the Hollywood Hills, includes art by Molly Larkey, Jonathan Apgar and others in an attempt to show "unique approaches to painting."

The Meme Machine


Last Chance - August 30 through September 27, 2014

Agency just moved from the Pacific Design Center to a small East Hollywood space. It's first show is generally meant to be about mimesis -- in Luis Gispert's video, a cheerleader mimics a police siren.

Deborah Hede: the invisible subject

Ambach & Rice

September 6 through October 4, 2014

Deborah Hede finds cast-off object on walks and incorporated them into her sculptures. She's also made some plaster covered wire forms to fit specifically into Ambach & Rice's galleries.

20 Years of ACME

ACME Gallery

September 6 through October 4, 2014

ACME is starting the fall with an anniversary show that includes a ton of artists it works with (Roger Herman, Matt Merkel Hesse, Carlee Fernandex) and will probably be playful, because its artists often are.

Matthew Ronay: Organ/Organelle

Marc Foxx

September 6 through October 4, 2014

Matthew Ronay's wall-hanging and floor-sitting objects are usually kind of endearing, even cute -- this time, his work is informed by human organs and cells.

Siobhan Aluvalot and Xara Thustra: LOVEWARZ! WALLWERKS!


September 12 through October 4, 2014

LOVEWARZ is the collaboration between Siobhan Aluvalot Xara Thustra (probably not their real names) that involves costumes, video-making, activism, party-throwing and wall-hanging art making. This show features those wall works (or WALLWERKS).

Daniel von Sturmer: Focus & Field

Young Projects

May 23 through October 4, 2014

Melbourne-based Daniel von Sturmer takes abstraction and minimalism lightly -- a roll of tape in front of a square of paper might be a minimal gesture, for instance.

Min Song: Tromp L'Oeil Depression

Young Art

September 13 through October 11, 2014

In Min Song's new show in Young Art's new Hollywood space, photographic decals will be affixed to the floor and linoleum-covered boxes will be sitting on top of them. Through this pairing, Song's "expand[ing] on the paradoxical relationship between object and image."

Doug Aitken: Still Life

Regen Projects

September 6 through October 11, 2014

Doug Aitken's newest show combines light boxes that "hover" on walls with a cast phone booth "bathed in light" and a sonic fountain. There will also be a "hexagonal sculpture" featuring "a collage photo of an aerial view of the LA freeway system infinitely reflected in a series of mirrors," which sounds trippy.

Alex Becerra: Las Putas Problematicas

ltd los angeles

September 3 through October 11, 2014

Alex Becerra's new, characteristically thick paintings include strange-looking falling bodies. "Hips and legs can be seen through impossible prisms; flesh pushes up against mirrors and glass," explains the press release.

Torey Thornton: Some Narrow Sleeping


September 6 through October 11, 2014

Torey Thornton's interested in the abstraction into realism spectrum (how do they mix? where should they meet?) and, according to OHWOW, his compositions "trigger what the mind wants to see, versus what may be actually present."

Hannah Hummel: Unfold Your Fist

Diane Rosenstein Fine Art

September 13 through October 11, 2014

Hannah Hummel photographs subjects (maybe a parrot, maybe some canvas in a heap) against white or off-white backgrounds. She also made two videos meant to reveal “a cosmos where the individual is not reduced to solely gender, race or age. . . .”

Todd Gray: Exquisite Terribleness

Meliksetian | Briggs

September 11 through October 18, 2014

When Todd Gray was Michael Jackson's personal photographer in the 1980s, he took a lot of photos of Michael Jackson. He also did some documentary work in Ghana, and he's juxtaposing his two very different former day jobs in this autobiographical new show.

New Gravity

Overduin & Co.

September 7 through October 18, 2014

Metal strip, metal clips, plastic housing and screws are the materials for one sculpture in this show, and  a fair number of the artists included are interested in construction, structure and the afterlife of the minimal aesthetic. 

Lisa Anne Auerbach: Spells

Gavlak Gallery

September 13 through October 18, 2014

For her first L.A. show in seven years, Lisa Anne Auerbach is showing sweater paintings, knitting sometimes explicit messages into linen canvases.

Cyrus Mahboubian: Muse

De Re Gallery

September 18 through October 22, 2014

Cyrus Mahboubian's Muse is a pretty girl who look like she'd fit nicely into an Eric Rohmer film. Mahboubian sometimes blurs his photographs to make it all more wispy and ethereal.

Sam Falls

Hannah Hoffman Gallery

September 5 through October 25, 2014

Sculptor-painter-photographer Sam Falls is showing "rain and plant" works that take vegetation and the precipitation as their subject matter.

Eddie Martinez: Nomader

Michael Kohn Gallery

September 12 through October 25, 2014

Brooklyn-based Eddie Martinez is having three solo gallery shows this year (so many!), and the one at Michael Kohn will probably feature his funny, Phillip-Guston-like abstractions and some sculptures that riff on art history.

Oliver Jones: Love the Skin You’re In

GUSFORD | los angeles

September 12 through October 25, 2014

Birmingham-based Oliver Jones is interested in "pursuit of perfection," and the photo-realistic chalk pastel drawings in his new Gusford show all focus on flesh -- the skin of a baby or the wrinkles of an older woman.

Phil Chang: Pictures, Chromogenic and Pigment


September 13 through October 25, 2014

Phil Chang wants to know: "what type of photographic-based work can function solely in the context of contemporary art?" His answer is to be super specific about his materials (Kodak Endura Glossy photographic paper was used) and to make monochromes.

Karl Benjamin: The Late Paintings

Louis Stern Fine Arts

September 6 through October 25, 2014

Karl Benjamin's late paintings were a lot like his early paintings -- hard edge geometric abstractions that make you think of the 1960s -- only Louis Stern's press release says the color is "truly, purely alive."

Lisa Williamson: People in Nature


September 13 through October 25, 2014

Lisa Williamson, who's interested in shapes and simplicity and things that are familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, is having her solo debut at Tif Sigfrid's space.

Darren Almond

Matthew Marks Gallery

September 20 through October 25, 2014

London-based Darren Almond, who's obsessed with time, made a grid of fifty-six electronic flip clocks for this new show. They’re synced to advance at the exact same time, but the numerals are all mismatched and unreadable. He’s also made forty-two acrylic paintings of numerals from digital clocks.

Rashid Johnson: Islands

David Kordansky Gallery

September 13 through October 29, 2014

In one gallery of David Kordansky's brand new space, Rashid Johnson is installing a pyramid "as a perverse minimalist ruin." In another, there will be shelves and tables. The pyramid and the furniture stand alone, hence the title "Islands."

Rirkrit Tiravanija and SUPERFLEX


September 6 through November 1, 2014

Rirkrit Tiravanija, who does work that's often social in nature, and SUPERFLEX, a collective that's also social and often based on current events in some way, have worked together before (they did a branding inspired installation) and are together again.

Informal Forms

Aran Cravey

September 13 through November 1, 2014

In this show inspired by Yves Klein's ideas, color and line duke it out (color probably wins): "line is the oppressive force that imprisons color’s vitality" while color is pure and in tune with the soul. 

Fear and Desire

Young Projects

September 18 through November 1, 2014

The European film artists in this show are dealing with the legacy of psychoanalysis, sometimes indirectly. So there's going to be eroticism, anxiety, distance, displacement and more.

Beyond Environment

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

September 4 through November 9, 2014

Italian architect Gianni Pettena did some work with American artists Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson in the 1970s, and became obsessed with Salt Lake City at one point. This is a show about the results of that collaboration. 

6018 Wilshire

Edward Cella Art + Architecture

September 20 through November 22, 2014

Edward Cella is doing an 11-year anniversary survey, because it's moving this year. It'll show a lot of work, including Lynn Aldrich's Never Thirst Again, made of steel downspouts and leaf catchers.

Bruce Richards: Future/Past

Jack Rutberg Gallery

September 20 through November 29, 2014

Bruce Richards makes hyperreal polychromed bronze sculptures and paintings, sometimes on shaped canvases inside of shaped frames (like his diptych of a woman's torso).

Daniel Faust and Fabrice Hyber: Without End

Varola at the Pacific Design Center

September 18, 2014 through January 2, 2015

Daniel Faust is presenting photographs of objects in "reality" museums like music hall of fames or wax museums (he's taken over 7,000 such photos). His longtime friend Fabrice Hyber is showing a life-size boy mannequin and a children’s swing set with s silicon penis built into the swing. 

Mark Handforth: Rough Dark Diamond

Kayne Griffin Corcoran

September 20, 2014 through January 3, 2015

Mark Handforth made indoor and outdoor sculptures (it's great when Kayne Griffin Corcoran's courtyard, hidden from the street behind that fortress-like wall, gets some use). He's made a diamond from a steel pipe and is also riffing on the form of the wire coat hangar.

Mario Montez: Montezland

ONE Archives Gallery & Museum

September 20, 2014 through January 11, 2015

This is a show all about pre-Stonewall drag performer Mario Montez's influence on the New York underground -- there's video, ephemera, documentation of collaborations Montez did with so many different artists and two headdresses.

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