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Andrew Falkowski: All and One | Les Biller: Part 2

Rosamund Felsen Gallery

January 10 through February 7, 2015

Andrew Falkowski is examining the relationship between "studio production" and "media output," exhibiting paintings that reference Excel spreadsheets and Roy Lichtenstein. Les Biller is exhibiting a series of narrative paintings that mix the L.A. cityscape with fantasies that involve a bust of Nero and swinging monkeys.

Max Snow: Days Like This

Richard Heller Gallery

January 10 through February 14, 2015

New York artist Max Snow's dark, photographic collages for this show include vintage movie stars again craggy rocks, bird's heads on women's bodies or ornate cuss words across images of ships.

RHIZOME: Multiplicities of Abstraction

Shoshana Wayne Gallery

January 17 through February 14, 2015

The title of this exhibition comes from those French philosophers, Deleuze and Guattari, who popularized the term "rhizomatic." The majority of the artists are on the gallery's roster already, and idea is that the various approaches to abstraction they present will disrupt "the constant flow of information" we experience and compel us to "pause and reflect."

Jason Yates: did i stutter did i ever

C.Nichols Project

January 17 through February 21, 2015

Jason Yates, who used to make dense posters for musicians like Ariel Pink, made three big paintings for his new show out of “dysfunctional materials” — there might be paint, craft-supplies and cut-out paper involved. The paintings are meant to evoke the experience of bouncing from child to adult and back again, which could be fun or traumatic.


William Turner Gallery

January 17 through February 21, 2015

Otherworldly paintings are the subject of this show, and the artist who made them include whimsical Steven Salzman and light and space practitioner Fred Eversley, among others.

John Sonsini

Patrick Painter Inc.

January 24 through February 21, 2015

John Sonsini does head-on portraits of day workers and others, mostly men, who pose for him. The gallery refers to his project as "expressionistic portraiture," and there seems to be a lot of empathy involved.

Stanley Whitney: Team Colors

Team (bungalow)

January 11 through February 22, 2015

New York-based Stanley Whitney's new paintings, like his previous paintings, involve grids of color. The artist, who has been exhibiting since the 1970s, is interested in how colors prompt the eye moves from one square to the next. According to the gallery, "no color can be taken at face value" in his work.

Alice Wang

18th Street Arts Center

January 12 through February 27, 2015

Alice Wang, who is interested in mathematics, metaphysics and movement, is showing work in 18th Street's Atrium Gallery. The press release is vague: "eyes stroke their contours with the attentive gaze. mind-unleashed trigger."

Don Bachardy: Hollywood | Randy West: Works on Paper

Craig Krull Gallery

January 24 through February 28, 2015

Craig Krull is once again showing celebrity portraits by Don Barchardy, the artist who was Christopher Isherwood's one-time romantic partner. Tilda Swinton makes an appearance this time. The gallery is also showing photo-based, neutrally-colored abstractions by New York artist, Randy West.

Amy Elkins and Jona Frank: In Position

De Soto Gallery

January 24 through February 28, 2015

Amy Elkins photographs male dancers and Jona Frank photographs young male boxers, and they're showing the dancers and boxers together to convey "the complexity of conceptions of masculinity."

David Abir: RELIEF | Miri Chais: We Are The Hollow Men

Shulamit Gallery

January 22 through March 7, 2015

"RELIEF" is the final exhibition in David Abir's four part series, the previous parts of which were called RUIN, RENEW and REVIEW. He's building in antechamber from a fictional monument called Tekrar and installing hieroglyph-inspired relief sculptures. Concurrently, Miri Chais is installing paintings, sound work and video in a show titled after a foreboding T.S. Eliot poem.

One Person Crying: Women and War

Venice Arts

January 15 through March 12, 2015

Photojournalist Marissa Roth made the work in this show, a "global photo essay," over 29 years. She documented the effects of war on women in places like Kosovo and Afghanistan with images that were often black and white.

April Street: Nothing Lasts Forever

5 Car Garage

January 24 through March 12, 2015

For her new show, April Street's paintings, made by combining materials like hosiery or skin-mimicking textiles, might be leaning precariously or rolled up in a ball. The work occupies "a new inner outer space," according to the gallery.

Olivier Mosset and Carlos Bunga

Christopher Grimes Gallery

January 17 through March 14, 2015

Olivier Mosset thinks a lot about color and shape and makes wall murals. Barcelona-based Carlos Bunga makes three-dimensional work out of paint and cardboard. The gallery is hopping Mosset's cool-headedness and Bunga's rougher, tactile work will juxtapose "two divergent" approaches to painting."

Brian Weil, 1979-95: Being in the World | Moshe Ninio: Rainbow Rug

Santa Monica Museum of Art

January 17 through April 18, 2015

Brian Weil once trailed Miami homicide detectives and found people through classified ads who let him photograph them having sex. He was heavily involved in AIDS related activism when he died in 1996, and this is his first retrospective. Israeli Moshe Ninio, who's work will be in the Project Room, made a rainbow-colored hologram of a folded Middle Eastern rug.

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