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Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Museum of Photographic Arts MOPA

January 22 through 25, 2015

A former Navy Seal revisits "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as a transgender woman and three homeless teens try to stay in school in films showing at the Museum of Photographic Arts this week.

Rita McBride: Public Tilt

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - Downtown

October 10, 2014 through February 8, 2015

Rita McBride's installation include a replica of arena bleachers that people can actually sit on and a disorienting dropped ceiling. Every Friday at noon, artists, performers or cultural thinkers are sitting on the bleachers, making short presentations.

Ron Nagle: Peripheral Cognition

San Diego Museum of Art

November 1, 2014 through February 17, 2015

Ron Nagle, a ceramic artists who started working in the 1960s and whose quirky approach often gets him grouped with guys like Ken Price, hasn't had a big, serious museum show until now. This show will included Art Deco spin-offs, splatters on linoleum and little rock-like forms that seem to be giving birth to aliens.

American Visions: Place and Identity

San Diego Museum of Art

October 23, 2014 through February 22, 2015

Starting with paintings from the 19th century, this works-from-the-collection show tries to trace the "Americanization" of painting, how slowly American painters separated themselves from their European predecessors and started doing their own thing. It goes all the way up to the 1960s and 70s.

Thomas Glassford: SOLAR PLEXUS

Quint Gallery

January 10 through March 7, 2015

Thomas Glassford makes shiny sculpture that are geometric and minimalism-inspired, but also flashy. The work in his new show, made of mirrored acrylic, anodized aluminum, holographic paper and fluorescent paint, are supposed to be like portals to or from some "tropical, emotional climate."

Laugh-in: Art, Comedy, Performance

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - La Jolla

January 23 through April 19, 2015

Artists do comedy -- like Stanya Kahn, who wears a suit that looks like a penis, or Jayson Musson (aka Hennessey Youngman), who gives wry advice on being an artist while wearing silly hats -- while others document or incorporate comedy into their work in MCASD's new show. There will also be an evening of live comedic performance (date TBA).

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