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Watchmen: Surveillance and The Flaneur

Torrance Art Museum

Last Chance - June 10 through July 26, 2014

The premise for this group show could be the premise for a horror movie: What does it mean to be a flaneur, that artist-observer who moves through a city taking mental notes, when a city is full of CCTV cameras and monitors?

Native Strategies: N (enter) S

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

Last Chance - July 9 through 31, 2014

Native Strategies is a performance art journal that also organizes performances. They'll be in residence at LACE this summer, hosting over 30 performance three stages (stage one involves a mock television studio, stage two involves a production desk and stage three involves a makeshift distribution center).

CK One Daily

Night Gallery

July 12 through August 2, 2014

In the nineties, Calvin Klein used wispy, gender-ambiguous, multi-ethnic models to advertise CK One, his fragrance. Now it's been reissued, and the artists in this show are using it as a jumping off point to think about branding, timelessness, youth, regeneration, etc.

Much Ado About Nothing

Pieter Performance Space

July 18 through August 2, 2014

This take on Shakespeare's play involves audience interaction, is set in a small music venue and centers on the turmoil and romance in the lives of bluegrass band members. Find showtimes here.

Jeff & Gordon: Day Job

Monte Vista Projects

July 19 through August 10, 2014

Collaborators Jeff & Gordon will be serving tea and coffee at their opening. And since the split-screen video they're showing about the work day in the Internet age lasts 8 hours, the caffeine might help you stick it out for a while.

The Outlanders

The Pit

July 13 through August 24, 2014

The Pit is a brand new artist-run space at a former auto body shop, and their first show features L.A. artists who are already relatively well-known within local art communities here and who pull from L.A.'s reputation, history or geography.

Tragedy + Time at Public Fiction

Public Fiction (The Museum of)

June 15 through September 7, 2014

Public Fiction's summer plans are sort of complicated: it currently has a rotating installation in the Hammer Museum's lobby gallery as part of "Made in L.A. 2014." It also has a small soap box at the museum, where artists will perform as stand-up comedians. After each "rotation" is up, the work from the gallery and soap box will join an ever-growing installation at Public Fiction's Highland Park headquarters.

Chuck Nanney: Body Parts and Oracles


July 20 through September 7, 2014

A small gallery in Silver Lake hosts an installation by jack-of-all-trades artist Chuck Nanney, who hasn't shown much in L.A. but once posed as intense filmmaker Kenneth Anger.

Michael Parker: The Unfinished

The Unfinished

March 16 through September 16, 2014

Michael Parker, who's always combining infrastructure (or some kind of established structure) and community activity, is digging an obelisk-shaped ditch along the very industrial banks of the channelized LA River. It's a "137-foot to-scale replica" of an Ancient Egyptian site known as “The Unfinished Obelisk,” hence Parker's title. He'll host various events throughout the process, which will probably be listed here.

100 Japanese Cameras: 1925-2014

UCR / California Museum of Photography

July 19 through October 11, 2014

Japanese camera manufacturers are responsible for a lot of the innovations that make picture taking such an instant, easy thing. So the California Museum of Photography is showing Japanese cameras made since World War II, alongside print and TV ads for the cameras.

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