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The Property

March 21 through April 19, 2015

This show, a reaction to "reductive abstract formalism," features four painters -- Justin John Greene, Dustin Metz, Becky Kolsrud, and Adam Novak -- who use representational imagery. The idea is to think about how representation fits the "contemporary context."

Colby Bird: My Hair is Wet and My Shoes are Tied

Grice Bench

Last Chance - March 14 through April 25, 2015

For this show, artist Colby Bird is making all his own frames for his photographs. Sometimes, his frames even obscure his photos and "add another layer of interruption between content and viewer." Bird, who works in New York, is also exhibited four sculptures made from bistro chairs disassembled, sanded, painted and put back together "as writhing, abstract forms."

Kelly Akashi and Sean Raspet

Château Shatto

Last Chance - March 28 through April 25, 2015

Kelly Akashi installed a large wind-blowing silver tube on the floor of Chateau Shatto's first gallery, and plastic walls with dripping, slap-dash candelabras in the basement. Sean Raspet's silicone polymer and plexiglas sheets are along a wall in the office.

Female Power

DAC Gallery

March 12 through May 1, 2015

The Association of Hysteric Curators (AHC) curated this show to coincide with International Women's Day and, as the title suggests, the show is about power "as it relates to women’s lives." It includes new work by women from the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), who struggle with homelessness, and from ECF Art Centers, for those with developmental disabilities.

Sarah Conaway: Empty Vessel

The Box

March 21 through May 2, 2015

Sarah Conaway's new work, made out of things like burlap or Styrofoam, is supposed to look like it came out of an Art History textbook. It's also supposed to "create a tension between a beautiful formality and an 'offness.'"

HERE NOW: Six Works by 6 LA Artists

Wilding Cran Gallery

March 21 through May 2, 2015

Painters Ian Pines, who's pretty gritty and expressive, and Noah Davis, who takes a more narrative approach, are in this "pulse of the moment" show. So is Etienne Zack, whose paintings are labyrinthine and sometime photo-realistic.

Joseph Huppert and Jason Burgess: New Work

Harmony Murphy Gallery

March 28 through May 9, 2015

Joseph Huppert’s new series The Brown and the Blue Drawings (2014-2015) consists of "meticulous, hand-done graphite lines" and "inspired by textiles, patterns, and traditional functional crafts." Jason Burgess new paintings are an "ongoing investigation of vision using non-representative images." Huppert mostly works in San Diego, while Burgess works in L.A.

The Silence of Ordinary Things

The Mistake Room

March 28 through May 9, 2015

This is a benefit exhibition, which The Mistake Room plans to host biannually, so proceeds from work by Samara Golden, Kenturah Davis and others all goes to support the space.

David Adamo

Ibid. Los Angeles

March 31 through May 30, 2015

David Adamo, who works in Berlin, has been hacking away at the idiosyncratic wooden totems for his new exhibition out behind Ibid. Projects for over a month. Now, finally, the sculptures are moving into the gallery, perhaps along with some piles of wood shavings.

Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty

Japanese American National Museum

October 11, 2014 through May 31, 2015

This show, about Hello Kitty's history and full of products, contemporary art and archival material, is something of a phenomenon. People walk down the streets of Little Tokyo in Hello Kitty hats and shirts. Christine Yano and Jamie Rivadeneira, who owns an L.A. pop culture boutique called JapanLA, curated it.

William Pope.L: Trinket

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

March 20 through June 28, 2015

The center piece for William Pope.L's "Trinket" is a massive flag blowing in wind generated by a number of high-powered fans. The flag will fray over the course of the exhibition, and footage of Civil War reenactment plays around the galleries, where there are also a number of rotting onions painted red, white and blue.

Sturtevant: Double Trouble

MOCA Grand Avenue

March 20 through July 27, 2015

A show that traveled here from MoMA, Sturtevant's "Double Trouble" features years of the "copies" the artist, who died last year, made of work by her peers. She copied Duchamp, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, but her copies are interpretive, never exact.

Kahlil Joseph: Double Conscience

MOCA Grand Avenue

March 20 through August 16, 2015

Filmmaker Khalil Joseph made a long video to accompany Kendrick Lamar's new memoir-ish album last year, and it's a free-form, two-channel meditation on life in South L.A. It showed at the Underground Museum, and now it's at MOCA, in a smart-looking, all-black video gallery.

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