Culver City


Between Forms: The Nature of Painting and Photography

Sonce Alexander Gallery

Last Chance - March 14 through April 25, 2015

Layered paintings by Jonathan Apgar and more abstract, textured paintings by Donel Williams are paired with portrait photographs by Carrie Yury and process photographs by Colin Patrick Smith. It's all about the relationship between figuration and abstraction and painting and photography.

Crude Alchemies


Last Chance - March 14 through April 25, 2015

Aline Cautis, Barry Johnston and Nick Kramer all have an intuitive, unwieldy approach to their materials. Cautis has merged digital with analogue sensibilities in paintings that recognize "their own absurdity." Johnston, who has made art out of bedsheets and burned books, will be showing "decorations." Kramer has "infused" collages with liquid resin.

Ken Gonzales-Day: RUN UP

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

April 4 through May 9, 2015

Ken Gonzales-Day, who has been studying the history of lynching for years, based his first film, Run Up, on a reenactment of events surrounding a 1920 lynching of a Latino names Charles Valento in Santa Rosa. The Scripps professor will screen the film and exhibit a series of still photographs from it. He'll also show photographs shot last November, during an L.A. protest march following the Grand Jury’s contested decision to acquit the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson

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