Culver City


Evan Nesbit /ˈkaɪˑæzəm/

Roberts & Tilton

Last Chance - March 15 through April 19, 2014

Evan Nesbit, who's having his first solo show at Roberts & Tilton, is interested in material in an old school way -- the way acrylic works on burlap or on wool, for instance -- and often works in monochrome. So his paintings are sort of like slightly gritty, laissez faire takes on minimalism with a little Arte Povera influenced tossed in.

Patricia Fernández: Paseo de los Melancólicos


March 15 through April 26, 2014

Patricia Fernandez raised the floor of the smaller side gallery and covered it in white and blue tiles. The small paintings, wood work and mementos she then installed are meant to evoke memories of Republicans who fled through the Spanish-French Pyrenees mountains during the Spanish Civil War.

Loudhailer Inaugural Exhibition


March 29 through April 26, 2014

A new gallery with a funny name, Loudhailer just opened near where Carter & Citizen and Greene Exhibitions are and it's inaugural show includes artists we're excited about -- like Bobbi Woods, who showed with just-closed Pepin Moore, and Amanda Ross-Ho, who used to show with Cherry & Martin.

Christopher Russell: GRFALWKV | Jeremy Fish

Mark Moore Gallery

April 5 through May 3, 2014

"Pigment print hacked with a cleaver" is the description of very literary artist Christopher Russell's Aftermath #2. It will be in his new exhibition along with other intentionally scratched or hacked images and a five-part, handmade manuscript. Jeremy Fish, who's worked with Nike and has a cartoonish, high-meets low aesthetic, will have paintings in the project space.  

Lay of the Land

Von Lintel Gallery

March 22 through May 10, 2014

Farrah Karapetian, an artist who occasionally curates, organized this show about artists doing photographic work about L.A.'s landscape. The show's making an effort to capture the quirkiness of sprawl: it includes images from Zoe Crosher LAX series, views of planes coming in through hotel windows, Mateo Tannat's photo of jeans in a lemon tree and images  Melanie Willhide recovered off a stolen laptop. It's also Von Lintel Gallery's debut exhibition in this city.

Apollo TBD

Samuel Freeman

April 5 through May 10, 2014

A lot of work evokes the moon's surface in this show themed around space travel. Some are visceral and quite good, like Matthew Waller's thick plexiglas slab of smokiness.

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