Culver City


Didier Massard: Territories

Kopeikin Gallery

Last Chance - June 14 through August 23, 2014

Photographer Didier Massard's chromogenic prints have subjects (tigers, monuments) that are hyper-real like computer animations.


Blum & Poe Gallery

Last Chance - July 12 through August 23, 2014

Blum & Poe now has a gallery in New York now, too, so this summer group show will have a NYC half and an L.A. half. The works in the show emit buzzing noises, or at least look like they're buzzing, and the idea is that, for the five hours a day during which the two shows' open hours overlap, the works will "hum in unison."


Von Lintel Gallery

Last Chance - June 28 through August 23, 2014

Von Lintel Gallery is having its first summer group show in L.A., the kind where it features work  by everyone on its roster. But some artists, like  Farrah Karapetian, are super new additions.

David Horvitz

Blum & Poe Gallery

Last Chance - July 12 through August 23, 2014

David Horvitz, the quirky New York based conceptualist, seems to have been on a trip. The press release for this show is a letter to gallery communications director Lynda Bunting saying that he's one nautical mile from his destination.

Pia Camil: The Little Dog Laughed

Blum & Poe Gallery

Last Chance - July 12 through August 23, 2014

Pia Camil, based in Mexico City, took public advertisements and billboards as her inspiration for the curtains and ceramic vases she made for this show. She's delving "into the relationship between the personal and public in a modern dystopia," the gallery says.

Shannon Finley

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Last Chance - July 12 through August 23, 2014

Berlin-based Shannon Finley figures out his compositions digitally before painting the layered geo-abstractions he's becoming known for. In some paintings in this show, he's apparently used up to 30 layers of acrylic medium mixed with pigment to make the layering really intense.

Orit Raft | Nir Evron


Last Chance - July 12 through August 23, 2014

Israeli artist Orit Raft makes photographs of imaginary places -- like rooms described in novels -- and Nir Evron, who's also based in Tel Aviv, just made an extremely methodical, abstract 16 mm film based on a planned city in Palestine.

Michelle Robinson: Hold Tight, Then Fall

Reginald Ingraham Gallery

Last Chance - July 19 through August 23, 2014

The new paintings by Michelle Robinson, a rare L.A. artist who didn't go to art school, are "an exercise in balance," according to the press release. They look like quirky quilts and incorporate different geometric shapes and contrasting patterns.

Andrew Cameron & Emilie Halpern: Standard Candles

Samuel Freeman

Last Chance - July 19 through August 23, 2014

In this show, there are emu eggs all over the floor and a rusty ring propped up inside a small hole that's been cut into the hallway wall. Small, potentially serendipitous gestures seem to be the theme.

Joe Lloyd: New Paintings

Western Project

July 26 through August 29, 2014

Joe Lloyd, a recent Claremont MFA grad, is showing his layered geometric paintings, which sometimes look sort of like roughed up stain glass.

Summer Show

Angles Gallery

July 12 through August 30, 2014

Angles is having a pretty typical summer group show, exhibiting work by four artists from its roster. One of Ori Gersht's Liquidation photographs, a pretty good series of big, blurred neutrally-colored images, will be included.

Arrive and Likewise Depart

Sonce Alexander Gallery

August 16 through September 1, 2014

This is a show of photographs of sculptures, or photographs that make their subjects seem sculptural. At the opening, the group Material Conjectures (a pretty appropriate name) will project photographs onto a stage they've built while an actor reads poems.

Neal Rock: Herm 0714


July 19 through September 6, 2014

Neal Rock, who moved to L.A. from London in '07, is interested in prosthetics and masks and uses silicone and screen printing in his work, hanging the shapes he makes from wall so they look sort of like pretty monsters.

John Weston and Katie Thoma


May 31 through September 13, 2014

Last time Katie Thoma showed here, she turned the space into a post-apocalytpic party scene. This time she's showing with John Weston, who also does intense installations, with his paintings hung in psychedelic bedrooms or against walls he's painted.

Country: Portraits of an American Sound

Annenberg Space for Photography

May 31 through September 28, 2014

Les Leverett was a staff photographer at the Grand Old Opry for three decades. Leigh Wiener photographed John Cash looking rough and tumble. They're in the show and featured in the half-hour documentary that will play at the center of the Annenberg's weird, circular space -- lots of photographers and musicians talking shop.

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