Surf Riot!

Last year the U.S. Open of Surfing ended with Huntington Beach crowds dumping over porta-potties, smashing car windows and breaking into shops. At least 20 people were arrested in the aftermath, and one poor person was hospitalized after being hit by both a rioter’s flying bottle and a police officer’s rubber projectile. (He must’ve been […]

Surf Riot!

Art in the Time of Instagram

It’s tough to say something original about how icky social media can be. We’re all shallow, hungry for attention and desperate for affirmation. We’ve been staring at our own navels so intently that we’ve damaged our necks. We don’t read anymore. We shout. We don’t listen. And damn, umbrage sure feels good. Los Angeles artist […]

Art in the Time of Instagram

Robert Heinecken, Kim Kardashian and Why Art Doesn’t Change a Damn Thing

Let’s get this out of the way: Kim Kardashian showed her big ol’ greasy butt on the cover of Paper magazine this week. You already know this. People are complaining about what it means, wondering why everyone is talking more about the reality star’s ass than Obama’s landmark environmental agreement with China or the spaceship […]

Robert Heinecken, Kim Kardashian and Why Art Doesn’t Change a Damn Thing

Hello Kitty’s Art Show Matches Her Hairdryer and Bowling Ball

Hello Kitty is a behemoth. In 1974 she appeared on a coin purse between a fish bowl and a bottle of milk. Now she’s 40 years old and pulling in $7 billion a year. Not bad for an anthropomorphic cat who stands five apples tall and doesn’t have a mouth. In addition to clothing and […]

Buff Monster's Melty Kitty Dream

Archibald Motley and Jazz Age Modernism at LACMA

Three men gather around a drink-topped table and look in amicably uncomfortable disbelief at the title character in Archibald Motley’s The Liar. There’s a dachshund sleeping near the edges of the white tablecloth, but that dog is probably the last detail you’ll notice in the painting. The Harlem Renaissance artist has skewed perception and brought […]

Archibald J. Motley, Jr. The Liar.  Collection of Howard University Galley of Art, Washington, DC.

Andy Warhol’s Shadows at MOCA Grand Avenue

Andy Warhol’s Shadows is a monumental painting that is all about variation within repetition. The work is displayed differently wherever it’s hung, depending on the size of the room and the ordering of the panels. In the case of MOCA Grand Avenue, the varied repetition happens across 102 canvases. The images on the panels waver […]

Photo by Brian Forrest. © 2014 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

How Many Artists Does It Take to Screw Henry and Glenn?

Sometimes two hard-rocking guys just want to settle down together. And fight zombies. Henry & Glenn Forever & Forever, the comic book from Los Angeles artist Tom Neely and friends that imagines musicians Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as a gay couple, is far more than a one-liner. Over the years the unambiguously gay duo […]

How Many Artists Does It Take to Screw Henry and Glenn?

Barbara Probst Looks Both Ways at Park View

The work of Munich-born photographer Barbara Probst has been displayed in prestigious galleries all over the New and Old World. She’s been written up in Artforum, Time and The New Yorker. The MOMA owns a few of her pieces. If you were to guess the latest step in Probst’s career, you could be forgiven for […]

Exposure #109: Munich studio, 09.19.13, 5:31 p.m., 2013

How the San Fernando Valley Produced Good Art

My mechanic moved to the San Fernando Valley because he could afford to buy a house with a yard. An artist I know moved there because he had a son and could afford to rent a house with a yard. Another artist moved there because she married a man who worked for Anheuser Busch and […]

From Mike Mandel's People in Cars series, North Hollywood, 1970. Courtesy CSUN.