Author: Retha Oliver


Luke Butler at Charlie James Gallery

Even before you enter Charlie James Gallery, the aesthetics are compelling: historic doorways beckon, lanterns hang overhead, roofs sweep upward and yellowing graphics in windows all command you to be visually awake. You’re on Chung King Road, the alley across the street from Chinatown’s famous archway and a sometimes-flourishing gallery district. Inside the gallery, the […]

Luke Butler, The End XVI, Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 54 inches, 2013

“Corporeal Impulse” at the Vincent Price Art Museum

Despite the successes of Peter Voulkos, Ken Price and other California artists who’ve worked with clay, the medium remains problematic. Heavy but fragile, sometimes bulky, tricky to move, difficult to display, and—still—burdened by notions, real and imagined, of “craft,” works in clay are rarely made and exhibited well. But artists continue to be drawn to […]

“Corporeal Impulse” at the Vincent Price Art Museum