Author: Matt Stromberg


Tibetan Monks Create, Promptly Destroy Sand Painting

  It’s been over 100 years since Kandinsky first published On the Spiritual in Art, however in the ensuing century, the contemporary art world has taken on an increasingly materialistic bent. In opposition to this trend, for two weeks recently a group of artists at the Hammer Museum has been working on a project that […]

screenshot of the Mandala livecast [via]

Various Small Fires Re-opens in Hollywood

  Various Small Fires re-opens tonight in its new location on North Highland, making it the latest addition to Hollywood’s growing gallery cluster. The newly remodeled 5000 square foot complex will feature a main gallery space, outdoor sculpture court, and a sound corridor designed specifically for presentations of sound art. We spoke with gallery founder […]

Various Small Fires' new Hollywood location [photo by Esther Kim Varet]

Border Blaster Brings Back the Music Video Show

Unless you’re a millennial, you remember a time when music videos were played on TV. There used to be two entire channels (on basic cable!) devoted to showing nothing but videos, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And there were actual themed video shows: Yo! MTV Raps for Hip-Hop, Headbangers Ball for Metal, […]

the video for Fitness Forever's song "Cosmos" is a retro vision of real Italian Italo Disco. [via]

Baldessari Puts Dots on James Franco’s, Miley Cyrus’ Face

  Baldessari collectors on a budget, rejoice! The latest Baldessari-themed issue of upscale art magazine / downscale art object Visionaire has just hit the stands. Visionaire 64 is divided into three color-coded limited editions – Red, Green, and Blue – each featuring a different set of ten loose 12 x 18 B&W celebrity portraits, overlaid […]

It's Miley! [via]

Machine Project Re-Animates Historic Gamble House

  For a city that is often characterized as lacking a historical memory, Los Angeles has a lot of love for its iconic architecture. Whether it’s modernist residences by Schindler, Neutra, or Lautner, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock and Ennis Houses, or scandal-tinged Greystone Mansion, Angelenos have a strong appreciation for these landmarks nestled among our […]

Gamble House with work by Jessica Cowley (l) and Patrick Ballard (r) (Photo by Ian Byers-Gamber)

Can the LA River Be Something More Than a Concrete Trough?

  The L.A. River has long been the butt of jokes, with many viewing it as little more than a dry, concrete-lined trough, but with renewed interest in the river as a natural site for recreation, and a $1 billion revitalization plan in the works, that is poised to change. Embodying this attitude is Play […]


Sexy Beast Gala Enlists Art to Benefit Planned Parenthood

The art world is often portrayed, rightly or wrongly, as being insular and self-absorbed, cut-off from the everyday concerns of real people in the real world. In contrast to this detached stereotype is Sexy Beast, an upcoming benefit and auction that aims to harness the power of the artistic community for a specific cause. All […]

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Stay/Go), 2007, pigment prints, 74 x 100 inches, ed. of 10 [via]

Daniel Rolnik Gallery brings Positive Vibes, Wizards to Santa Monica

  Daniel Rolnik, who calls himself “The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic,” will open his eponymous gallery in Santa Monica on Sept. 18 with its inaugural exhibition, Smile Isle. In addition to contributing to dozens of publications, the 25-year old impresario co-owns Intellectual Property Prints, runs Youtube channel For the Funk of It, and writes […]

Daniel Rolnik  - can he become the World's Most Adorable Dealer? [via]

Step and Repeat brings Performance Back to MOCA

Dynasty Handbag, photo by Ian Douglas [via] This Saturday, L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art kicks off Step and Repeat, a month of Saturday evenings full of “performance art, music, comedy, and poetry that marks MOCA’s return to live arts programming,” as their Tumblr states. Performers will come from all over the country, with a […]

Dynasty Handbag, photo by Ian Douglas [via]

My LA2050: Crowdsourcing for the greater good (and the bottom line)

  It used to be that the moneyed classes would dispense their endowments with scant input from the hoi polloi. The latest trend in philanthropy, however, is asking the public to vote on who is most deserving from amongst a group of competing applicants. First there was the Hammer Museum’s $25,000 Public Recognition Award, which […]