Top 5 Video: May 22, 2015

Here’s our Top 5 art recommendations for this week. Check out the video or just scan the list below. Ed Schad and Catherine Wagley got pretty into the classics this time — modernism and Greek myth.

Mary Reid Kelley with Patrick Kelley still from Swinburne's Pasiphae, 2014. Courtesy of the artists.

Mary Reid Kelley with Patrick Kelley, still from Swinburne’s Pasiphae, 2014. Courtesy of the artists.

5. Mary Reid Kelley 

Hammer Museum
Opening May 23, through September 27

Artist Mary Reid Kelley is exploring Greek myth, the family history of the Minotaur and Victorian poetry in videos starring herself. Her newest video, debuting here, is called The Thong of Dionysus. We’re always excited about her bawdy, dense visuals. Sometimes her dialogue and narratives can be a bit heavy handed — but maybe not this time.

Patricia Fernandez's Point of Departure: Five Walks

Patricia Fernandez’s “Point of Departure: Five Walks.” Courtesy of the artist and Commonwealth & Council.


4. Patricia Fernandez: Points of Departure: Five Walks

Commonwealth & Council
Through May 23

It’s the last weekend to see Patricia Fernandez’s show, an extensive hand-made archive based on a trek she took over the Pyrenees mountains that separate Spain and France. She was following the steps of Spanish Republicans (some of whom were her own relatives), who fled the Franco regime.

Gisela Colon's Oval Melt Glo-Pod (Iridescent Green), 2013. Courtesy the artist and Ace.

Gisela Colon’s Oval Melt Glo-Pod (Iridescent Green), 2013. Courtesy the artist and Ace.

3. Gisela Colon: Pods

Ace Gallery
Through sometime in June (there’s no exact closing date)

Gisela Colon’s new work at Ace got us thinking about the Light and Space legacy. Why do we always want to label everyone from L.A. who works with plastics and acrylic “Light and Space artists”? Also, this work is way more about physical encounters with discreet objects than large-scale ideas about Perception with a capital “P.”

Ed Moses, Untitled, 1975. © Ed Moses, photo: Brian Forrest

Ed Moses, Untitled, 1975. © Ed Moses, Photo by Brian Forrest.

2. Ed Moses: Drawings from the 1960s and 1970s

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Through August 2

This show gets better and better from one gallery to the next (we liked the 1970s stuff best). You can see L.A. icon Ed Moses becoming more comfortable with his material and more irreverent. He mixes craft aesthetics with modernism, and his obsession with the grid is — as far as mid-century grid obsessions go — refreshingly unpretentious.

"ANTHONY CARO: Works from the 1960s," Installation view. Photo by Fredrik Nilsen

“ANTHONY CARO: Works from the 1960s,” Installation view. Photo by Fredrik Nilsen.

1. Anthony Caro: Works from the 1960s

Gagosian Gallery
Through May 30

We both have a soft spot for well-made, idiosyncratic modernism, and Caro’s table top sculptures in the upstairs gallery are pretty special. They’re some of the first table tops ever made by the British sculptor — who was actually, officially, “Sir” Anthony Caro. You have a week and one day left to see this show.

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