Top 5: January 7, 2015

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1. Sadie Benning: Fuzzy Math
Opening January 10, 6–8 pm
Through February 14
Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

Sadie Benning’s new work grew out of a preoccupation with “fuzzy math” used to account for uncertainty or ambiguity, and, in recent years, to justify political ideologies. The New York artist’s paintings respond to these ideas in open-ended, or “fuzzy,” ways — one combines a grid of red cushy material with a gut-like maze.


2. Liz Magic Laser: The Thought Leader | Anna Sew Hoy: FACE NO FACE 
Opening January 10, 6–8 pm
Through February 21
Various Small Fires

For her new video, The Thought Leader, Liz Magic Laser enlisted a 10-year-old named Alex Ammerman to deliver a monologue inspired by Dostoevsky in the style of a Ted Talk. The show also includes another video, sculptures and sound that explore oratory arts and power dynamics. At the same time, sculptor Anna Sew Hoy’s idiosyncratic, monster-like ceramic forms will be on view in the project space and back courtyard.


3. Image Search
Opening, January 10, 6–8 pm
Through February 28
Hannah Hoffman Gallery

In a picture-heavy world, where Internet image searches are things people do, what makes a painter compelling and significant? That’s the question this show asks and seeks to answer by pulling together work by six generations of artists. It starts with the unforgettable Frances Picabia, who was born in Paris in 1879, and continues through to Raphaela Simon, born in Villingen, Germany in 1986.


4. Nuttaphol Ma: A Grain of Rice Under A Microscope 
January 10 and January 11, 12–5 pm
Monte Vista Projects

Nuttaphol Ma’s new film is based on an experience he had working retail in 2010. A coworker had just realized that their managers were watching them on an office computer monitor. This made Ma feel like “a grain of rice under a microscope,” a feeling he tried to recreate over 8 hours at the same store a few years later (managers and police officers got involved) and chronicled on Super 8 film.


5. Danielle Dean: Hexafluorosilicic
Opening January 10, 7–11 pm
Through February 7
Commonwealth & Council

Danielle Dean is still playing with political and commercial rhetoric, and she’s still exploring her Houston, Texas connections with her new video installation, “Hexafluorosilicic.” She filmed it in her Third Ward, Houston apartment, and, with this project, she’s particularly interested in health and death as “radically materialistic, and highly ambivalent.”

also by Alison Edmark

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