Inglewood Artists Open Their Studios

Photo by Becky Snyder.

Photo by Becky Snyder.

If your only knowledge of Inglewood is that it’s always up to no good, you haven’t spent much time in the cluster of studio spaces around La Brea and Florence. Relatively cheap rent and easy access to other parts of the city have made that area a hotspot for working artists.

On November 8 and 9, those artists will open their doors for Inglewood Open Studios, a self-guided tour of 12 spaces where more than 60 artists work.

Among those artists are Miri Chais, whose show at USC Fisher we recently reviewed, and Jane Hugentober, whose Four Kids in a Hot Car series should win some kind of award for Most Evocative Title.

Visit the Inglewood Open Studios website for a map and complete list of artists. The City of Inglewood is providing free shuttles, none of which stop at Randy’s Donuts, regretfully.

also by Keith Plocek

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