Hans Ulrich Obrist to Moderate Instagram Talk

[Hans Ulrich Obrist on the left, via Style.com]
[Hans Ulrich Obrist on the left, via Style.com]

If you have an Instagram account – there are currently over 200 million users - you may have noticed the recent proliferation of artists using the image-sharing app. Everyone’s got their list of the top ten, fifteen or 134 artists to follow. (Ai Wei Wei, Richard Prince, and Vik Muniz are among the most popular.) Art website Hyperallergic just wrapped a year’s worth of columns on the selfie – arguably the most common image type on Instagram. Which all begs the question: “But is it Art?”

Ai Wei Wei's "leg gun" which went viral on Instagram earlier this year
Ai Wei Wei’s “leg gun” which went viral on Instagram earlier this year

This is just one of the avenues of inquiry that tireless curator Hans Ulrich Obrist will be exploring at an Instagram Mini-Marathon this Saturday evening in downtown LA. HUO (whose own Instagram boasts 41,000 followers) has teamed up with local blog/artspace/publisher ForYourArt to present the panel discussion that will include artists Meg Cranston, Frances Stark, and Alex Israel, among others. Topics will include how Instagram “functions within their individual practices,” “whether Instagram is a personal, social, or artistic space,” and also who to follow (in case you need more reasons to be staring at your phone all day), according to ForYourArt’s founder Bettina Korek. No word on whether they will cover whether Valencia or Nashville is the best filter for getting your art noticed.

Ulrich Obrist originally conceived of the Mini-Marathon concept in 2005 as a way to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue on the ways in which the visual arts intersect with science, technology and other artforms, like music, theater and architecture.

Fittingly, the Mini-Marathon will take place at the historic Million Dollar Theatre, which was opened by Sid Grauman almost 100 years ago, as a home for the last century’s most popular form of image consumption. The event begins at 7:30, doors at 6:30 and tickets can be obtained here.

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