Broad Primes the Pump with Famous Artist Talks

fischl-martinIn anticipation of its opening in 2015, The Broad is hosting a series of talks this year called The Un-Private Collection. Although the series is described as “exploring contemporary and controversial themes,” (which usually is code for “themes that were controversial 50 years ago”), we have to admit: they look interesting. Each talk pairs an artist from the Broad collection with a sort-of related person (one of whom is Steve Martin, but that talk, with Eric Fischl, is already sold out). The three remaining conversations, including Takashi Murakami, John Currin, and Kara Walker, will delve into issues facing African-American artists, contemporary Japanese culture, and, uh, the depravity of rococo painting. Or something. Look out world, here comes the Broad!

also by Glasstire

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