Get unexcited at LACMA’s “The Least Important Things”

Fear Of Missing Out should impel you to Emily Mast’s performance March 27-29 at LACMA. It’s titled The Least Important Things — and we’re fired up to be bored! . . . Oh wait: we’re taking the title at face value. Seems like it might actually be interesting:

For The Least Important Things, Mast selected a diverse range of works by Joan Brossa (1919–1998) that were written with the intention of being staged. Brossa was a Catalan poet, playwright, graphic designer, and visual artist who made work about the limitations of language and its material nature. His “stage poetry” embraced incoherence, the everyday, and popular forms of entertainment such as magic, cabaret, and comedy routines. – LACMA website

also by Glasstire

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