Five Exhibitions to anticipate in the up coming season

While the Fine Art Landscape is really more of a 365 days a year affair, September still feels like a renewal of promise. Perhaps our affection for the academic calendar is in our aesthetic DNA. Perhaps cooling tempertures index a return to culture. Regardless of catalytic source, here are five excellent exhibitions which will grace the Los Angeles Landscape in the coming months. Don’t miss them!


Heather Gwen Martin at Luis de Jesus

September 7th through Oct 12th, 2013

Heather Gwen Martin at Luis de Jesus

Ms. Martin paints as though traditions and expectations didn’t exist. Her canvases hover between volume and line, never really settling on either. Her color palette defies convention. And of late her scale has increased significantly. Nice to see a relatively young artist mature into her promise.

R.J. Kitaj at LA Louvre

October 10th through November 9th, 2013

R.B. Kitaj at LA Louver

Rarely do the intellect of the mind and the intuition of the paintbrush meet on a performance plane. The artwork of RJ Kitaj offers such theater in consistent and mesmerizing doses. His professional life was spent as a devout American expat in London. His personal trajectory reads like gripping fiction. The paintings and drawings continue to vex and captivate.

Joel Otterson at Maloney Fine Art

November 9th through December 21st, 2013

Joel Otterson at Maloney Fine Art

Sampling and mash ups may be thought of primarily as musical terms but Otterson’s witty and elegant sculpture apply a remix paradigm to the plastic arts. Difficult to categorize or pigeonhole, Otterson is always optically fetching.

Robert Heineken at Marc Selwyn Fine Art

September 28th through Novemebr 2nd, 2013

Robert Heineken at Marc Selwyn Fine Art

The most inventive photography in today’s fine art landscape was created in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This is clearly the conclusion when one sees Heineken‘s diverse body of work. There are feminist readings. There’s socio-political content. More than anything though you sense fun, invention and experimentation in everything he touched. The images lure your attention. Discovery of process expand admiration.

Don Bachardy at Craig Krull Gallery

September 7th through October 12th, 2013

Don Bachardy at Craig Krull Gallery

I liken Bachardy as the consummate marathon runner in an art world obsessed with sprinters. His laser like focus on the portraiture genre documents several generations of creative luminaries in the concentric circles of Los Angeles. This exhibition will focus on literary lions, often when they were still cubs but each with a steely gaze of determination that won them admiration. The slowly morphing execution over the years, from tightly rendered graphite lines to nearly expressionistic color and brush strokes is fascinating as well.

-Mario M. Muller, Los Angeles, September 3rd, 2013

also by Mario M. Muller

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  1. what a wonderful tour guide you are. otterson’s pieces are incredible.
    loved all the exhibits. pops

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