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Santa Monica | Venice

Amir H. Fallah: Perfect Strangers

18th Street Arts Center

January 12 through March 27, 2015

Local school kids have been helping Amir Fallah during his residency at 18th Street, bringing objects they care about to the studio and posing for group portraits and also making portraits of their future selves. Santa Monica City College students are helping too, working on the "environment" in which all Fallah's and his collaborators' portraits can be installed.


Meghan Gordon: some times

ltd los angeles

October 17 through March 15, 2015

Artist Meghan Gordon started a bar in her CalArts studio last year. It appeared downtown at Cirrus Gallery this summer and now it's opening at ltd Los Angeles for six months. There will be drinks and special bar programming.

Culver City

Julie Oppermann: Counterpoint | Jean Shin: Domesticated Landscapes

Mark Moore Gallery

February 19 through March 21, 2015

Julie Oppermann, who works in Berlin, generates the patterns for her paintings on a computer then uses stencils and rollers to apply them to canvas, layering patterns over each other. Brooklyn-based Jean Shin, who's showing in the project space, uses flatware (aka silverware that's not necessarily silver) to sculpt trees.

Chinatown | Downtown

LA Other | Eastside

San Diego

Thomas Glassford: SOLAR PLEXUS

Quint Gallery

January 10 through March 7, 2015

Thomas Glassford makes shiny sculpture that are geometric and minimalism-inspired, but also flashy. The work in his new show, made of mirrored acrylic, anodized aluminum, holographic paper and fluorescent paint, are supposed to be like portals to or from some "tropical, emotional climate."

Orange County

China's Lost Civilization: The Mystery of Sanxingdui

Bowers Museum

October 19 through March 15, 2015

In 1986, construction workers at Sanxingdui, outside of Chengdu in China, found a whole trove of fantastic objects that date back to about 1200 B.C., made of jade, bronze and elephant tusks. These objects are traveling to Santa Ana.

Santa Barbara

Artist-in-Residence Eric Beltz: The Cave of Treasures

Art, Design, & Architecture UC Santa Barbara (AD&A)

September 12 through May 1, 2015

In making his new, wall-sized drawing in silver ink, Eric Beltz was thinking about Medusa, poison oak, and the swastika, as well as about the research he'd been doing into "legends, tragedies, misinterpretations" and other such subjects.


Pasadena | Inland Empire