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Tea & Morphine

Hammer Museum

January 25 through May 18, 2014

The Elizabeth Dean Collection includes over 900 works by late 19th, early 20th century Paris-based artists. A number that specifically  depict women are on view in the Hammer's "Tea & Morphine" show -- one print, Eugene Grasset's La Morphinomane [The Morphine Addict] from 1897, shows a frenzied, dark haired women gritting her teeth as she sticks a needle into her leg. It's as dramatic as the show's title.

Culver City


L.A. Heat: Taste Changing Condiments

Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles (CAMLA)

March 13 through July 12, 2014

Sriracha and Tapatio are American-developed hot sauces. The former is Thai-inspired, the latter Mexican-inspired, and, in large U.S. cities, the two rival ketchup and mustard in popularity. This show, which includes a smart group of  artists who are Asian, Latin American and neither, takes these sauces as a jumping off point for exploring what it means to be "All-American."

LA Other

Fritz Haeg: Wildflowering L.A.

Fritz Haeg: Wildflowering L.A.

October 27, 2013 | 11 am – 5 pm

Fritz Haeg, the multi-disciplinary artist who has worked in gardening before (his Edible Estates project has been ongoing since 2006), is planting wildflowers across greater L.A. -- a seemingly season-less, dry and difficult environment -- with the help of the arts non-profit Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND).  Anyone with at least 500 square feet of open land can contact Haeg and LAND, who will choose 50 relatively visible plots on which to plant specially developed mixes of wildflower seeds and install a 4'x5' sign that resembles state park signage.

San Diego

On the Beach

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - La Jolla

January 31 through April 16, 2014

The press release for "On the Beach," a group show about beaches as social spaces, points out that the seemingly sunny title is also the title of a bleak album by Neil Young and a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Nevil Shute. So beaches can also be sites of conflict. Noni Brynjolson, a Ph.D student at UC San Diego, curated the show, and you can actually view the beach and ocean through the gallery windows.

Orange County

Santa Barbara

Artist-in-Residence: Fran Siegel, Translocation and Overlay

Art, Design, & Architecture UC Santa Barbara (AD&A)

October 19 through April 19, 2014

L.A. based artist Fran Siegel has been doing drawings based on different data sets about the Santa Barbara region's past and present. For instance, she might look into population dispersal or locations of swimming pools, and then draw an expanse of houses on velum, letting it overlap with other drawings that look kaleidoscopic or computer generated.