Found Art: Serbian Groom Trolls for Bride

[This post originally appeared on Glasstire Texas.]

The image above and those below were pasted in a document that opened with the following (loosely translated) text:

“To all unmarried ones who would like to spend their life by my side and within all the beauties of my home. Please look below at all the magic of my home that I have decorated with taste, perhaps just for YOU. Don Milisav Juan Gonzales Brzi, Contact: +33-#########″

Apparently Milisav’s bride hunt became something of a meme in the BCS – Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian – speaking world a few years back, the document was emailed from person to person and wound up on some blogs.  I haven’t seen it crop up on the English-speaking web however and I thought I’d share. If you like Daniela Rossell’s photo series Ricas y Famosas, which features the super rich of Mexico posing in their over-the-top interiors, you’ll love Milisav. And thanks to the Houston ex-Yugoslav community for sharing this gem with me.

Milisav in his throne room…
Milisav in his boudoir. Remember folks, you can never have too much gold!
No, really, you can NEVER have too much gold.
Tile too, you can never have too much tile. (Plus it’s great for hiding the trap door to the shark tank.)
Oooo, is that tile?
Yeah, that’s tile alright. (But is that his mom’s robe?)
Fur, never too much fur. Especially when it’s time to hibernate.

More fur.

Milisav in his home office plotting world domination.
Milisav shows his European disdain for the insipid American convention of smiling pleasantly in photographs.
Nope, you sure don’t want to remove that plastic – EVER. (One commenter theorized that the plastic is in case he has to shoot someone during dinner.)
Milisav and his “come hither” look.
Taking another stab at the “come hither” thing…
Check out the photographer reflected in the mirror. I think it’s his mom. “Oh, Milisav, you look so handsome, your home is any girl’s dream!” Especially that Barbie Dream House furniture…
God, it just goes on, doesn’t it?
I sense a Sun King complex…




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