Similar but Different #25: Legs

Finding this image:

Made me think of this:

Louise Bourgeois. Legs. 1986.

Which reminded me of another book cover:

Hans Bellmer- book cover. 1960

Which made me think of Austin’s own:

Sterling Allen, Father and Son, 2007, graphite, ink and Prismacolor on paper.

A family needs a home:

Laurie Simmons. "Walking House (Color)," 1989 Cibachrome print, 64" x 46".

and even better this:

Robert Gober - Untitled (1991) Wax, fabric, leather, human hair, and wood.

With less candles and more karma:

Do Ho Suh. Karma, 2003.

Without pants and one less shoe:

David Shrigley, untitled, ink on paper, 14 5/8 by 10 3/8 inches, 2010.

And one less leg:

Paul McCarthy. Boy. 1994.

McCarthy’s sculpture reminded me of Alverson’s amazing painting:

Seth Alverson. Woman Bending Over, oil on canvas, 27″ x 33″, 2009.

Flesh triggered another painter’s fleshy legs:

Lucian Freud. Nude With Leg Up (Leigh Bowery), 1992 Oil on linen 72 x 90 1/8 in.

More women and less peter’s equals this:

Vanessa Beecroft, vb Kunsthalle wien , 2001, c-print

Which ultimately has you and I singing this for the rest of the day:

also by Margaret Meehan

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