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Three Newly-Unearthed Photo Series Show LA in the 1970s

Three Newly-Unearthed Photo Series Show LA in the 1970s

Los Angeles is often characterized as a city that perpetually recreates itself, forgetting its own past in the process, but three series of recently unearthed photographs provide a glimpse of L.A. forty years ago. One of Michael Jang’s photos of CalArts’ early days [via] Michael Jang was a student at CalArts shortly after its […]

Stephanie Taylor's show at Alice Könitz's Los Angeles Museum of Art. (Photo by Fredrik Nilsen)

The Los Angeles Museum of Art, Revisited

Two Decembers ago, Alice Könitz constructed a raised deck in the driveway of her Eagle Rock studio and called it the Los Angeles Museum of Art. She gave different artists opportunities to play with the space, and that they did, hosting performances, displaying ceramics and installing sculptures both social and material. Complete with wooden posts […]

John Altoon at LACMA

John Altoon at LACMA

In the documentary The Cool School, John Altoon’s death from a heart attack at the age of 43 in 1969 was seen as a big reason for the collapse of the group of Ferus Gallery regulars, no matter that the actual gallery had closed two years prior and morphed into Ferus/Pace. Suffering from depression and schizophrenia, […]

Luke Butler, The End XVI, Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 54 inches, 2013

Luke Butler at Charlie James Gallery

Even before you enter Charlie James Gallery, the aesthetics are compelling: historic doorways beckon, lanterns hang overhead, roofs sweep upward and yellowing graphics in windows all command you to be visually awake. You’re on Chung King Road, the alley across the street from Chinatown’s famous archway and a sometimes-flourishing gallery district. Inside the gallery, the […]